Sports like baseball and bingo are well known for their superstitious nature. The lady carrying 3 purple frogs at bingo, and the jock strap that hasn’t been washed since 1978 in baseball has a new sport to contend with: ROLLER DERBY!

Roller derby players carry some seemingly strange things in their skate bags. Find our top 7 below:

7. Duct Tape

“Everything in Derby is duct tape!” say many a derby skater! Whether you’re writing your team name, your player number, covering up a tear in your uniform, covering a hole in your skates or protective padding, keeping your laces in tact during a bout, or concerned about toe drags and using tape as a toe guard, duct tape is a must have for derby players.

6. NOTES… Lots and lots of notes!

A great derby player carries notes with them – notes containing drills they have been to or seen, notes containing rules, and even notes from teammates or a captain with positive feedback for a quick pick-me-up are some examples.

5. Hair bands, Socks, and Supplies

In warm climates, like here in Arizona, derby players are in flip-flops much of the year, and need to remember socks and are always sharing! Things like hair bands are always great to keep in your bag, for those with longer hair. Expert derby players will always recommend duplicates of everything in your bag so that you’re never out of a necessity! But in the sport of derby, the beauty of great sportsmanship is that you can usually share with a teammate.

4. Sharpies / Permanent Markers

Permanent markers are essential for derby players as well! Sharpie markers are used to write the derbiers’ numbers on their arm (duct tape can be useful for this too). It’s great to keep a Sharpie around so that you can write your name on anything you own while in the locker room (especially skate tools that are always getting mixed up!) and to prevent losing anything you bring in there.

3. Good Luck Charms

Some derby skaters – and probably more than we think – carry awesome good luck charms to represent friends, family, and derby using wardrobe, gifts, and memories that provide to players a winning spirit. Derbiers have been known to wear special socks or bandanas – even backwards pants are lucky for one derbier! But more important than wardrobe, to many, are good luck charms! We’ve all seen the cute little string voodoo dolls carried by many. Derbiers have been known to carry animals or characters that remind them of their children or loved ones, like little elephants or Tweety Bird.

2. Moleskin: Secret Weapon in Derby

Any derby player knows that they are tough, but their feet can’t be just as tough as they are. Boots that are poorly fitted, brand new, or really old put a lot of wear and tear on a skater’s feet. Heat, sweat, hard-core training, multiple practices and bouts – even foot shape and arches – can tear up your feet and make it uncomfortable to do what you love!

Luckily, there is a MAGIC solution: MOLESKIN! Derbiers don’t leave home without it, and use moleskin like it’s going out of style. Many derby skaters say it works the best compared to just gauze or a felt/foam pad to get friction away from a red area that could turn into blisters, or already formed blisters.

The key here, our beloved derby players, is to grab a moleskin doughnut pad (with a hole to fit over the red or sore area of the foot). Extra tip: Throw a gel blister pad under the doughnut – if you have one handy will be SURE to scare that blister away. Next, use prewrap or (the ever-useful) duct tape or whatever your preferred tape is to keep the moleskin in place, so it’s not rubbing a red/blistered area.

Keeping feet sore- and blister-free will make you at ease on the rink – at ease to go out and JAM it out on the derby track!!!

1. Your Team’s Emblem or Logo!

Ever forgot your team emblem necklace, team bracelet, lanyard – whatever you wear to display your AWESOME derby team’s name/symbol/mascot… This is derby PROTOCOL, and more than simple superstition. Rock your emblem proud in this insider derby essential!!!

Don’t forget the items you use to show off your team’s awesome logo, or you might just have to become superstitious! This is a must-have, not only for you, but also for all of the teammates to remember they are not one – they are a group and team – there to support and respect their teammates. “The Great Unifier”, one might say, is reppin’ your team’s namesake, in whatever way you do.

What do you keep in your bag that one might not expect?!

Here at DevaSkation, we LOVE all things derby (who doesn’t!). We hope this has been helpful, entertaining, and as always – an INVITE to PARTICIPATE!!! We can’t wait to see what YOU and YOUR DERBY TEAMMATES keep in your bags!

  • What is the coolest thing you keep in your derby bag?
  • What types of good-luck-charms do you tote around? Why?
  • Would other players expect it?!
  • Any helpful tips for other derbiers? Bouts out of town?
  • What’s the worst thing you forgot to bring to a bout?!

Whatever comes to mind, be sure to include a photo!!! Visit us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to submit your responses. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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