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Antik MG-2 Boot 2014
Antik MG-2 Boot 2014 Antik MG-2 Boot 2014

Antik MG-2 Boot 2014

Brand: Antik
Product Code: ANTK-MG2
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The MG-2 Boot by Antik is a great comfortable boot that features high cut suede uppers for added ankle support to form a secure fit. These boots have a netted sponge rubber tongue to relieve pressure on the foot and fiber counters on both sides of the boot that increase comfort while skating. This boot has a shock absorbing heel that relieves pressure on the heel during hard pushing, keeping you ahead of the competition! The heel cup on this boot is a narow cup that works to secure the foot in place so you can keep on skating without fear of coming out of the boot. If you want maximum comfort and security, this boot has it all!

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Warranty 1 Year from Manufacturer

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