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Atom Bionic Lock Nuts
Atom Bionic Lock Nuts Atom Bionic Lock Nuts Atom Bionic Lock Nuts

Atom Bionic Lock Nuts

Brand: Bionic
Product Code: Atom Bionic Lock Nuts
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Skaters frequently dent their skate bearings and are unaware of it. A dented shield can cause excessive drag so the skater has to exert more effort to maintain the same speed. Bionic Lock Nuts are designed to prevent damage to your bearings caused during routine wheel replacement, as an added bonus they are  half the weight of steel lock nuts and very cool looking.

Color accessorize with your favorite wheels and protect your bearings today.

  • - Super lightweight
  • - Bearing boss to ensure no rubbing (bearing drag)
  • - Flange to protect against denting shields 
  • - 1/2" - Set of 8
  • - 6 colors to accessorize accordingly Black, Pink, Neon Green, Orange, Red & Yellow
  • - 3M Nylon-Glass for superior strength 

Skates option comes with 8 nuts and Skateboard option comes with 4 nuts!

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General Information
Specs 1/2" - Set of 8, 6 colors, Black, Pink, Neon Green, Orange, Red & Yellow
Warranty 1 Year Warranty

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