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Atom Q6 Falcon Skate
Atom Q6 Falcon Skate Atom Q6 Falcon Skate Atom Q6 Falcon Skate Atom Q6 Falcon Skate Atom Q6 Falcon Skate Atom Q6 Falcon Skate Atom Q6 Falcon Skate

Atom Q6 Falcon Skate

Brand: Luigino
Product Code: LuiginoQ6Falcon
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The Atom Matrix by Luigino is the absolute top-notch skate package you can buy from Luigino. Mota Matrix (formerly known as Atom Matrix, aka Julie Glass) designed these skates for good reason: they're simply the best! This package includes the Q-6 boot, The Pilot Falcon plate, Bionic Swiss Bearings, Bionic Super Stoppers, and Atom Savant Wheels.

The Luigino Q-6 boot has AquaTech technology allowing the boot to be molded to the skater's foot. It has leather board counters to increase the boot's longevity. This boot also has a Pro Evolution Foot Bed (e-Soles) for comfort while skating. The lace covers protect your laces so you do not have to replace them as often, and the ankle strap keeps your foot from moving around while skating (potentially saving you from injuries).

Mounted on this boot is the lightweight aircraft aluminum Pilot Falcon Plate with either a Polished Chrome or Black Matte finish. This plate has a 16 degree kingpin angle to benefit the skater with Speed, Agility, and Stability. Bionic's Super Stopper will help you stop as quick as possible helping you juke, avoid hits, and change direction quickly.

In this package is one of the best hard wheels on the market, the super light Atom Savant in your choice of 5 great hardnesses. This Wheel will give you a fast smooth roll, getting you around the track fast. This skate package will change your skate life! 

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For boot sizing information check out our Sizing Charts page.

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Boot Specs
Boot Luigino Q-6
Plate Specs
Plate Pilot Falcon
Bearing Specs
Bearings Bionic Swiss
Wheel Specs
Wheels Atom Savant
General Information
Warranty 1 Year from Manufacturer

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