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Atom Spyder Traction Inline Wheels
Atom Spyder Traction Inline Wheels

Atom Spyder Traction Inline Wheels

Brand: Atom Wheels
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Are you looking for inline wheels with brand new banded technology, but are on a budget? The Atom Spyder Traction Inline Wheel takes professional grade wheels and brings them down to an economical level. While this wheel is an entry-level fully banded wheel, that does not mean it sacrifices performance or quality. Extensive testing has been done by Atom Wheels to ensure a quality product was created for the average skater. If you're an advanced skater looking for the best possible wheels you can find with no concern for budget, we would reccomend the Atom Sub 7 or Boom wheels.  These wheels are NOT banded.

Read more about Atom Inline Encompassed Technology.

Available in

  • Firm X-Firm
  • 90mm (Not banded) 100mm or 110mm (banded)

Available Options

* Inline Wheel Size and Hardness:

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Wheel Specs
Hardness Firm or XFirm
Quantity One wheel per order, adjust order quantity as needed
Surfaces The Atom Spyder Wheels perform best indoors on slick, well taken care of floors. Not recommended for outdoor skating.
Wheels 100mm or 110mm

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