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BankRoll Ceramic Skate Bearings
BankRoll Ceramic Skate Bearings

BankRoll Ceramic Skate Bearings

Brand: BankRoll
Product Code: BRCERAMIC
Availability: In Stock Free Shipping on Order Over $100!

BankRoll Ceramic are an upgraded version of the regular abec9 BankRoll Dimes. These are awesome bearings for any skate with wheels including inline, quad, and skateboards. These bearings are rated "abec9". Just like many other bearings on the market, these bearings fit on 8mm axles and have an extremely smooth roll. These bearings are easy to clean,long-lasting, and perform great. Bankroll bearings are ready to go out of the box -- no "break in" time necessary. They are high quality, affordable, and recommended often by the Devaskation team! Do we get flack for selling Abec9 rated bearings at such a low price? You bet we do! Of course, the competition wants to label them as junk because they are 1/5th the price of the competition's Abec9 bearings. News Flash incoming - ALL bearings are made in China by the same factories! The price and the marketing is the only difference! Try our bearings and you'll see that they are just as good as the other brands of bearings. There's no need to spend $100.

Sold in packs of 16

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Bearing Specs
Bearings Ceramic
Size 8mm

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