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Boots (Quad)

Boots (Quad)

Typically Quad skate boots are made from full grain leather. Most boots such as Riedell, Vanilla, and Sure-Grip make their boots out of purely Leather, A few companies today such as Luigino (Atom Skates), Mota, and Bont are starting to combine the leather boots with carbon fiber making them moldable to make them more comfortable for skaters. The Boots listed below are the best boots you could have on your feet providing more comfort and stability.

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Antik AR-1 Boot
The 2015 Antik Ar1 boot from Antik is 5% lighter than it's predecessor, has a stitched outsole, rear..
Antik AR-1 Phantom Boot
The Antik AR-1 boots have always had an impeccable reputation for quality, comfort, performance, and..
Antik Jet Carbon
Introducing Antik's most technical boot thus far!  Composed of a full carbon fiber outsole..
Antik AR-1 Boot 2014
Antik's AR-1 features a high cut, full-grain leather uppers for added ankle support and secure fit. ..
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Antik AR-1 Limited Edition Boot
Get ready to experience the vintage 2015 Antik AR1 boot like a true patriot. These limited edition b..
$349.00 $99.00
Antik MG-2 Boot
Get ready to experience the Antik MG-2 boot in a whole new way with the new 2015 edition! This boot ..
Antik MG-2 Boot 2014
The MG-2 Boot by Antik is a great comfortable boot that features high cut suede uppers for added ank..
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Crazy DNA Boot
 Fully customize your own DBX3 or DBX4 Boot from Crazy Skates and add some DNA to your skates. ..
Jackson Competitor Boot
The Jackson Competitor Boot is a fantastic boot for roller derby or speed skating.  The boot is..
Based on 1 reviews.
Jackson Elite Boot
The Jackson Elite Boot is the highest quality Jackson derby/speed boot you can get. Jackson Boots ar..
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Labeda U3 Boots
The U3 from Labeda is a great boot. this boot is made with very durable material that is soft and fl..
Labeda U7 Boots
The U7 from Labeda is a fantastic skate to start with. This boot is made from Full Grain Leather and..
Luigino Vertigo Q-4 Boot
Shaped to a female skaters foot, the Vertigo Q-4 boot is a new concept set on improving skater perfo..
Luigino Vertigo Q-6 Boot
The design of the Q-6 boot is based off of a females foot shape. This design is a new concept s..
Mota Max Air Carbon Quad Boot
Since first opening their doors, Mota Skate Company has been revolutionizing the quad skate industry..
Mota Max Air Savage Quad Boot
Mota just keeps killing it! New for 2019, the Mota Max Air Savage takes a fantastic boot and makes i..
Mota Metcon Carbon Quad Boot
Mota Skate Company has revolutionized the quad skate industry yet again. They have conti..
Mota Metcon Savage Quad Boot
The technology and attention to details are unparalleled upon their inception, the all new Mota Me..
Mota Mojo Quad Boot
Mojo Quad Boots are magical and might cause good luck! GET YOUR MOJO ON! Mojo carbon is ar..
Based on 3 reviews.
Mota Mojo Savage Quad Boot
Upon their inception, Mota Skate Company revolutionized the quad skate industry. Since t..
Moxi Jack Boot
The NEW Moxi Jack boot is built Moxi tough and ready to tackle any ramp or park! Take the Moxi Jack ..
Riedell 1065 Boot
Riedell's 1065 boot is one of the best durable, long lasting boots out there. It is made from full g..
Riedell 122 Boot
This boot is very good when it comes to skating. THe leather is hand picked for all Riedell boots to..
Riedell 125 Boot
This boot is a great boot to have. The low cut ankle style allows for more movement and agile juking..
Riedell 126 Boot
This boot from RIedell is a very comfortable boot. The extra padding around the heel allows for more..
Riedell 195 Boot
The 195 from Riedell is a great boot to add to your collection. The low cut ankle profile is designe..
Riedell 265 Boot
The Riedell 265 Boot is made from Hand Sorted full grain leather making this boot very durable. The ..
Riedell 395 Boot
Skaters everywhere are going nuts for Riedell's 395 boot. It is made from full grain leather.&n..
Riedell 495 Boot
The Riedell 495 Boot is made from hand sorted full grain leather, allowing the boot to last for year..
Riedell 595 Boot
The 595 from Riedell is a remarkable boot for all different types of skaters. It is made of&nbs..
Riedell 695 Boot
Riedell's 695 boot is a very popular boot. It is made from the highest grain leather they ..
Riedell 811 Boot
The Riedell 811 Boot is a great boot, it is almost like a hybrid between 2 of Riedells other models...
Riedell 911 Boot
The Riedell 911 Boot is made from hand sorted full grain leather with longevity in mind. The li..



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