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Build Your Own - Custom Skates built by Devaskation

Tired of not finding the skates you want on Amazon? We've got a custom solution for you! No matter what type of skating you do, you're sure to find some awesomeness if you choose the components for your skate. Customize the type of skate you want with dozens of great options so you'll be rolling in style!

  • Indoor Skates
  • Outdoor Skates
  • High Boot Skates
  • Low Boot Skates
  • Artistic/Dance/Jam Skates
  • Fitness Skates
  • Kids Skates
  • Recreational Skates
  • Roller Derby Skates

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Build Your Own Safety Package
Safety is very important and we want all of our customers to feel safe without spending a ton of mon..
Custom Atom Skate
Create your very own custom Atom skate!  Not only can you choose your favorite Atom boot, ..
Custom High Boot Skate by Devaskation
IMPORTANT: ALL BOOTS ARE BACKORDERED - Long Wait Times from ALL Manufacturers of High Top Boots - 30..
Custom Outdoor Quad Skate - Riedell R3 / Energy, Jackson, and More!
Remember Devaskation's "Outdoor Energy" Skate specifically made for pavement and sidewalks?&nbs..
Jackson Rave Custom Skate
The Jackson Rave is the entry-level quad roller skate intended for youths and other beginner skaters..
Based on 2 reviews.
Jackson VIP Custom Skate
The Jackson VIP package is the best all-in-one skate with a wide variety of applications for sk..
Based on 3 reviews.
Luigino Q4 Custom Skate
The Luigino Q4 Custom Skate features some of the best skate components on the market today. It inclu..
Phreakskate Devaskator - Custom Indoor/Outdoor Quad Skate
The Phreakskate Devaskator is a customized skate is comprised of quality components (that you choose..
Based on 2 reviews.



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