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Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates
Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates

Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates

Product Code: CRAZYPOP
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Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates are ideal for the young skater who wants a retro, classic look in solid black or white with just a splash of purple accent. And don't forget about the signature printed boot lining, double-action cushions, and the beyond cool "POP' logo. These high boot quad skates look just like the ones we sported in the 70s, but the Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates have some amazing hidden features. Parents will love that these ultra-safe skates are size adjustable to accommodate a range of four full shoe sizes. But the best feature is that thanks to the micro-adjustment capability, they fit every possible measurement in-between as well. You just fold down the adjustment tab, turn the setting tab to create the customized size for your child, then lock the adjustment tab back in the up position. This one amazing adjustment innovation eliminates all the blisters, skin rubs, and potential foot injuries caused by ill-fitting skates. And it means that you will not be buying your child new skates each time you are shopping for the next size larger shoes. Because of this sizing flexibility, you might expect to pay a lot for these skates. But that is not a part of the plan. These skates were designed to provide kids with a high-quality piece of equipment that will grow with them. And to give parents a break on the high cost of children's gear. Offered in both men's and ladies' sizes J12-2 and 3-6, your young skater will enjoy a super smooth ride both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the ABEC 5 bearings and 58mm urethane wheels. And stopping is made easy by the solid urethane top stops. Add in the aluminum trucks, and you have a high-quality skate that will outlast the many years that your child will wear them. And possibly even the use of a younger sibling or two.

Features of Crazy Skates Pop Roller Skates:

  • Micro-Adjustable Sizing
  • Classic High-Boot Style
  • 58mm Urethane Wheels and Toe Stops
  • POP Logo Style
  • Aluminum Trucks and ABEC 5 Bearings

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