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Devaskation Amaze-balls Toe Stops
Devaskation Amaze-balls Toe Stops

Devaskation Amaze-balls Toe Stops

Brand: Devaskation
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We know it's hard to pronounce...Amazeballs, Amaz E Balls, Amazabalas, etc but it's so worth it. So here's the correct pronunciation and definition:

Amaze-balls (noun)


  1. An amazing toe stop created by Devaskation.
  2. ​A toe stop that creates amazement.

Devaskation Amaze-balls Toe Stops are made and designed specifically with roller derby in mind. Molded with an all natural rubber, wood, and the best paint we could get our hands on, these skate stoppers have the perfect balance of grip, durability, and stopping power. They are 300% larger than the industry leading toe stops which is almost double!! Amaze-balls are great for all surfaces; wood, sport tile, cement/concrete, masonite (banked track), prairies, mountains, train tracks, and anywhere else you can think of. The International Stopability Rating (ISR) on these is an amazing 11.5. Get the largest toe stop on the market today!

Designed with love by the Devaskation staff for our All Star Derby Skaters.

Okay, okay...we admit that these are not actually the toe stops you need. We do have some awesome toe stops you can use though. Check out some of our favorites below, our Toe Stop Showdown Article, and our whole line of toe stops!

Since you loved our awesome video, use Coupon Code AmazeBalls to get 10% off your next Devaskation order!

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Warranty Life Time Guarantee for stopping trains

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