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Skate Tune Up Kit
Skate Tune Up Kit Skate Tune Up Kit Skate Tune Up Kit Skate Tune Up Kit Skate Tune Up Kit Skate Tune Up Kit Skate Tune Up Kit

Skate Tune Up Kit

Brand: PhreakSkates
Product Code: PKGTUNEUP
Availability: In Stock Free Shipping on Order Over $100!

Add a little performance and style to any pair of skates with this great custom gear package! Throw on some color and increase the life and performance of your bearings with colored axle nuts. Protect your skates and show a little style with your choice of toe covers from manufacturers such as Deadbolt Derby and Riedell. Match your laces to your wheels or team colors! Hundreds of combinations for you to trully customize your skates at a great price. Feel free to add notes to your order if you don't see the color you really want and we'll do our best to get as close to your request as possible.

Bearings:  Bionic Abec 7 - Bionic Swiss - Moto Deluxe - Reds - Rock Star - Rollerbones - Yolo Abec 7 - Yolo Swiss

Laces & Lock Nuts:  Astronuts - Bionic Lock Nuts - Solid Laces - Reversible Laces

Service Package - Bionic Kit - Bionic Cleaner - Bionic Lube - Bionic Wash - Bones Kit - Bones Cleaning Unit - Bones Speed Cream

Toe Caps:  Riedell - Scuffbusters - Snap

Toe Stops:  Bigfoot - Gumball - Monster - Superball - Super Stopper

Tools:  Bionic Hex - Bionic Tool Set - Bones Puller - Mota Hex - Powerdyne Bearing Press - Y3 - Y4

For boot sizing information check out our Sizing Charts page.

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