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Discontinued Skates / Models

This category is for those skates and accessories that are no longer in production, but should be remembered as an amazing (or horrible) product for its time.  If you find a skate, wheel, plate, or other accessory here that you have a special memory about, please leave us a comment so that we can post your memory to the product that we've lost along the way. 

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Antik Roller Bag
Carry your skates in style with Antik's brand new 2017 Roller Bag! This bag keeps all of your d..
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Atom Elite Knee Pads
Atom Elite Knee Pads are the sleekest protective gear available.  High-density EVA foam pads st..
Based on 2 reviews.
Atom Juke 3.0 Wheels (DISCONTINUED)
These wheels have been replaced by the Atom Juke 4.0 wheels. Atom Juke 3.0 HP Wheels have been a ..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Atom Juke Alloy Wheels (4.0)
Atom Juke wheels have been a staple of the derby and skating industry since they launched back in 20..
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Atom Supreme Elbow Pads
The Atom Supreme Elbow Pads offer the traditional design, (compared to our Atom Elite protective gea..
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Atom Supreme Knee Pads
The All new Atom Supreme Knee Pads are made with a more traditional design, (compared to the Atom El..
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FR1 Deluxe Intuition 80 Skates
** Discontinued and very limited stock ** The FR1-Deluxe Intuition 80 Skates are the top of the l..
Heartless Breaker Wheels
Let Heartless® up your ups. Heartless® Wheels is the only wheel brand that is 100% designed, focused..
Heartless Chaser Wheels
Let Heartless® up your ups! Heartless® Wheels is the only wheel brand that is 100% designed, fo..
Heartless Creeper Wheels
Let Heartless® up your ups. Heartless® Wheels is the only wheel brand that is 100% designed, focused..
Heartless Stalker Wheels
2013 Original Heartless Wheels - Discontinued Model. Let Heartless® take you to the next level!&n..
Heartless Voodoo Wheels
Heartless® is the wheel made with agility and flexibility in mind, for the skaters that have all the..
PowerDyne Arius NTS Plate
The legendary PowerDyne Arius Plate has a new member of the family designed for Rhythm Skaters...
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PowerDyne Arius RED Plate
The PowerDyne Arius RED Plate came in like a wrecking ball in late in 2013. PowerDyne and ..
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Radar Bullet Wheels
Radar's Bullet Wheel line is a great wheel for agressive skating such as Roller Derby. The wheel is ..
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Radar Flat Out Wheels
Radar Flat Out Wheels are perfect for serious skaters than need grip from a wide wheel. Re..
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Radar Flyer Wheels
Radar Wheels introduces their lastest outdoor wheel, the Radar Flyer. The wheel starts with a one pi..
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Riedell 1065 Boot
Riedell's 1065 boot was one of the best durable, long lasting boots available. It was made from full..
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Riedell 695 Boot
Riedell's 695 boot is a very popular boot. It is made from the highest grain leather they ..
Riedell Hammer
THIS SKATE IS DISCONTINUED!  The hammer from Riedell is a very fast skate. This low cut boot..
Riedell Minx Skate
THIS SKATE IS DISCONTINUED When battling it out on the track, your skates need to provide power a..
Based on 1 reviews.
Riedell She Devil
The She Devil from Riedell is a great skate to start on. This boot is both durable and comfortable. ..
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Riedell Siren Skate
THIS SKATE IS DISCONTINUED Performance meets customization in the Siren skate. Riedell's 1065 boo..
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Roller Derby Elite Neutron Plate
 The Neutron plate from Roller Derby Elite is bound for glory. Made of Aircraft Aluminum this p..
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Seba FR 2 80 Skates
The Seba FR-2 80 skate is an urban inline and one of the best quality, affordable fre..
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Seba FR 2 84 Skates
The Seba FR-2 84 skate is an urban inline and one of the highest quality, afford..
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SEBA FR Downhill Skate
SEBA's FR Downhill skate is designed for a comfortable downhill skating experience, but can also be ..
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Seba FR-A Skates
The Seba FR A is a step up from the Deluxe. This skate has soul plates and grind plates for the more..
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Seba FR1-84
The Seba FR1 84 inline skates are durable and high quality making it many skater..
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Seba FRX 84 Skates
The Seba FRX 84 Skates will unleash the  the freerider in you. The Seba FRX 84&n..
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SEBA FRX W Women's Skates
This model of SEBA's FRX skate is specifically designed to secure a woman's foot while retaining com..
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Seba GT 100 Skate
SEBA's GT skate is perfect for riders who love Gran Tourism and city skating. Now it comes in a 100m..
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Seba GT 90 Skate
With the GT, Seba reimagined the city commuter skate. The Seba GT 90 is for real urba..
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