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The focus of Antik Skate Boots was ultimate design, quality, process, design, manufacturing, durability, comfort, and technology. Antik Skate Boots are made in the USA, and are measured to a skater’s exact requirements and specifications. Antik skates are versatile, and due to their customization, can be used by most any skater of any level or style of skating. Antik Skate Boots are particularly popular among Roller Derby skaters. Antik boots have proved to be the most comfortable as well as the most technical on the market.

Antik’s boots are hand made in the USA by experienced craftsmen. Antik prides themselves on a staff of experienced employees with decades of experience making skate boots. The company uses the highest quality materials to make the most comfortable, durable skate boot. Reviews on Antik Skate Boots are exceptional. Antik uses only the best materials for a lightweight roller skate, at an affordable price, and is tailored to fit the exact measurements, specifications, and requirements for skaters.

Roller Derby Skates by Antik

Antik Skate Boots offer the most modern design and performance for skaters of all kinds, but have a large focus on Roller Derby skates and skaters. Team Antik consists of the Omaha Roller Girls, Denver Roller Dolls, Rat City Rollers, Oly Rollers, St. Louis Gatekeepers, Puget Sound Outcast Derby, Philly Roller Girls (Team USA), Galaxy Roller Girls, Denton County Outlaws, Pioneer Valley Roller Derby, and Texas Rollergirls (Team USA).

Other Great Products by Antik

Antik also designs and produces great products under the Gumball, Moto, and Reckless Brands. So if you're looking for Toe Stops, Bearings, or Wheels to go along with those snazzy new Antik boots, you can find what you need right here.

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Antik AR-1 Boot
The 2015 Antik Ar1 boot from Antik is 5% lighter than it's predecessor, has a stitched outsole, rear..
Antik AR-1 Phantom Boot
The Antik AR-1 boots have always had an impeccable reputation for quality, comfort, performance, and..
Antik Jet Carbon
Introducing Antik's most technical boot thus far!  Composed of a full carbon fiber outsole..
Reckless Morph Derby Wheels
The Antik Reckless Morph Wheels are a game changer! Dual stacked urethane in multiple hardnesse..
Based on 1 reviews.
Reckless Morph Solo Derby Wheels
In love with the original Reckless Morph wheels, but wish they had a single durometer line? You're i..
Antik AR-1 Boot 2014
Antik's AR-1 features a high cut, full-grain leather uppers for added ankle support and secure fit. ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Antik AR-1 Limited Edition Boot
Get ready to experience the vintage 2015 Antik AR1 boot like a true patriot. These limited edition b..
$349.00 $99.00
Antik AR-1 Limited Edition Skate
This 2015 limited edition of the new Antik AR-1 skate comes with the new 2015 Antik AR1 boot in the ..
Antik AR1 Ebon Derby Skate
Don't miss your chance to snag this awesome new Antik AR1 Ebon skate from Antik! This skat..
Antik AR1 Onyx Derby Skate
When it comes to Antik Skates it truly does not get any better than the new Antik AR1 Onyx skat..
Antik AR1 Shade Derby Skate
The Antik AR1 Phantom Boot is a beautiful design of black suede stitched over black l..
Antik BREEZE Derby Skate
The Newest Antik Breeze Don't miss your chance to snag this awesome Antik Breeze skate from ..
Antik BREEZE Derby Skate 2014
The Antik Breeze Skate is a great way to step up your game. This Skate is all the prerformance you e..
Antik HURRICANE Derby Skate
The best derby skate of 2015 is finally available! The Antik Hurricane Derby Skate comes with the al..
Antik HURRICANE Derby Skate 2014
Antik has put together the Hurricane Derby skate for the top skaters to beat down the competition! T..
Antik Laces
These laces are made by and desgined for Antik Skates. They are sized to fit perfectly Antik&nb..
Antik MG-2 Boot
Get ready to experience the Antik MG-2 boot in a whole new way with the new 2015 edition! This boot ..
Antik MG-2 Boot 2014
The MG-2 Boot by Antik is a great comfortable boot that features high cut suede uppers for added ank..
Based on 1 reviews.
Antik MG2 Skatepark Skate
Don't miss your chance to snag this awesome Antik MG2 aggressive skate from Antik! Th..
Antik Richter
The Antik Richter skate package is a great skate for beginners and experienced skaters alike. The MG..
Antik Roller Bag
Carry your skates in style with Antik's brand new 2017 Roller Bag! This bag keeps all of your d..
Antik Roller Bag Mega Package
Get your game on with this MEGA package staring Antik's brand new 2015 Roller Bag. This package is p..
Antik Spyder
The Antik Spyder is a great skate for anyone that wants the feel and look of an Antik AR-1 or MG-2 b..
Antik Storm Skate
The 2015 Antik Storm skate comes with the all new 2015 Antik AR-1 boot with your choice of either re..
Antik Tornado Skate
Get ready for Antik's brand new Tornado skate 2015 edition! This skate comes with the new Antik 2015..
Antik Tremor
The Antik Tremor is a great durable package. This package includes the Antik AR-1 Boot, a PowerDyne ..
Astro Nuts
Astro Nuts were the first Nylon nuts out there. They were designed to give skater the ability to cus..
B'Zerk Wheels
Are you looking for a wide wheel that grips, rolls, but is still lightweight? Go no further, th..
CIB - Chicks In Bowls Reckless Skate Wheels
When you want to hit the skate park, Reckless has your back! The CIB (Chicks in Bowls) wheels f..
Gumball Superball Toe Stops
Check out the newest addition to the Gumball Family. Antik, the makers of the Gumball Toe ..
Gumball Toe Stops
Gumball Toe Stops are made and designed specifically with roller derby in mind. Molded with an all n..
Based on 3 reviews.
Gumball Toe Stops and Roller Bones Bearing Tool
Get a Roller Bones Bearing Tool along with your choice of stem size for the brand new Gumball toe st..
$43.00 $32.00
Heartless Breaker Wheels
Let Heartless® up your ups. Heartless® Wheels is the only wheel brand that is 100% designed, focused..



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