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Gumball Toe Stops
Gumball Toe Stops Gumball Toe Stops Gumball Toe Stops Gumball Toe Stops Gumball Toe Stops

Gumball Toe Stops

Brand: Antik
Product Code: GMBLL
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Gumball Toe Stops are made and designed specifically with roller derby in mind. Molded with an all natural rubber, these skate stoppers have the perfect balance of grip and durability. Gumballs are great for all surfaces; wood, sport tile, cement/concrete, masonite (banked track) and outdoor. Designed by the Antik derby staff for Derby Skaters.  These toe stops were featured in our Toe Stop Showdown along with the Bionic Bigfoot stoppers.

Choose between Standard and Short stem lengths.

New colored stem model now available!

Colored stems are packaged randomly. You might get red, blue, green, or purple. It's a surprise in every box!

The new model has is extra-durable a pre-molded flat face, giving you more surface area to stop on straight out of the box.


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* Stop Stem Size:

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General Information
Warranty Life Time Guarantee for stop popping off the stem from manufacturer

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