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Fitness & Commuter Skates

Fitness & Commuter Skates

There's no doubt that inline skating is becoming more and more popular and we're not surprised! We have an awesome selection of fitness and commuter inline skates here. These skates will be just what you need to skate for fun, commuting, or calorie burning. Want to know more? Check out our Best Wheels for Inline Fitness and Commuter Skating article!

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Atom Pro Fitness Package - 4 Wheel
The Atom Pro Fitness inline skate was made for skaters that like speed skating, skating marathons, o..
Atom Pro Package - 3 Wheel
Finally! A complete, high-quality, entry-level inline skate package from a name you know and trust; ..
Atom Pro Package - 4 Wheel
Finally! A complete, high-quality, entry-level inline skate package from a name you know and trust; ..
Crazy Skates Airlite Inline Fitness & Commute Skate
Crazy Skates made the AIRlite Fitness Inline Skate for those skates who love to ride the sidewalks. ..
RD Elite Alpha 110 Speed Skate
The New Alpha 110 Skate from RD Elite is truly an amazing skate at an equally amazing..
RD Elite Alpha 125 Speed Skate
The New 125 Skate from RD Elite perfectly fills the gap between competition and commuter or fitness ..
Seba GT 80 Skate
With the GT, Seba reimagined the city commuter skate. The Seba GT 80 is for real urba..
SEBA Marathon Skate
SEBA's Marathon skate is designed to give you the extra edge you need to increase your speed! This s..
Seba TRIX 2 Skates
The Seba Trix 2 inline skates can handle slalom, freestyle or urban skating. This is an excellent&nb..
SEBA Trix 2 W Women's Skates
This is SEBA's all new Trix 2 model designed specifically for women who love inline skating! This sk..
Seba TRIX 80 Skates 2015
The Seba Trix 80 2015 is designed for the fitness or city skater who wants speed, maneuverabili..
TKO Light Speed Adjustable Inline Skate
The TKO Racing Light Speed Inline Skate is an adjustable skate meant for beginner to intermediate sk..



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