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Freeride & Recreation Skates

Freeride & Recreation Skates

I want to start skating again! That is the phrase we hear most at Devaskation. Many of the skaters that say this to us, are interested in inline skating and we have just what they (and you) need! Check out all of the awesome inline options below for freeride and recreational skating and if you're thirsty for more, check out our Best Wheels for Inline Freeride and Recreational Skating article as well!

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FRX 80 Skates
Preorder Only! We'll be receiving a limited quantity in September 2018 and then another shipment by ..
Seba FR 2 80 Skates
The Seba FR-2 80 skate is an urban inline and one of the best quality, affordable fre..
Based on 1 reviews.
Seba FR 2 84 Skates
The Seba FR-2 84 skate is an urban inline and one of the highest quality, afford..
Seba FR Custom Color Kits
Declare yourself with the Seba Custom Color Kits. From buckles to laces, all the hardware you need i..
SEBA FR Junior Black
The SEBA FR Junior is back in black! This adjustable skate is perfect for growing children who need ..
Seba FR Junior Blue/Red
These Freeride skates for kids grow with your young skater. The simple size adjustment is done using..
Based on 1 reviews.
Seba FR Liner
The Seba FR Liner gives you supreior comfort and fit. It has great ergonomics, and the&nbs..
Seba FR Skates - In Stock
We know, we know...it's soooo hard to find an awesome Seba skate in your size that's actually in sto..
Seba FR-A Skates
The Seba FR A is a step up from the Deluxe. This skate has soul plates and grind plates for the more..
Seba FR1 Deluxe 80
This Deluxe version of the extremely popular FR1 skate, has everything you're used to seeing pl..
Based on 3 reviews.
Seba FR1 Deluxe 84
This Deluxe version of the ever popular Seba FR1 skate, has everything The FR1 has pl..
Seba FR1-80
The high quality, Seba FR1 80 inline skates are consistently skater's top choice for ..
Seba FR1-84
The Seba FR1 84 inline skates are durable and high quality making it many skater..
Seba FRX 80 Skates
The Seba FRX 80 Skates will bring out your inner freerider. The upgraded and lower priced Seba ..
Seba FRX 84 Skates
The Seba FRX 84 Skates will unleash the  the freerider in you. The Seba FRX 84&n..
SEBA FRX W Women's Skates
This model of SEBA's FRX skate is specifically designed to secure a woman's foot while retaining com..
Based on 1 reviews.
The SEBA IGOR 10 is the 2015 model of SEBA's IGOR skate, created to celebrate their 10th anniversary..
Seba SX Skates
The Seba SX is the carbon freeride of the future and it's available today. The UFS co..
Seba SX2 Skates
The Seba SX2 is the freeride of the future and it's finally here! The high density shell will hold u..
Seba SX2 Street Skates
Customers love the Seba SX2 so much that Seba is now offering it as an aggressive/street skate! It h..
Seba TRIX 2 Skates
The Seba Trix 2 inline skates can handle slalom, freestyle or urban skating. This is an excellent&nb..
SEBA Trix 2 W Women's Skates
This is SEBA's all new Trix 2 model designed specifically for women who love inline skating! This sk..



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