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Hockey Skates

Hockey Skates

We love hockey here at Devaskation and if you're visiting this page, you do too. It's not always possible to hit the ice, so grab some inline hockey skates and play all year!

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Mission Inhaler AC1
The Mission Inhaler AC1 Roller Hockey Skates are the premier skates in the Inhaler line.  The A..
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Mission Inhaler AC2
The Mission Inhaler AC2 Roller Hockey Skates have all the high level features without the top e..
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Mission Inhaler AC3
The Mission Inhaler AC3 Roller Hockey Skates offer very solid performance at a good price.  The..
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Mission Inhaler AC4
The Mission Inhaler AC4 Roller Hockey Skates is the best bang for the buck in the Inhaler line...
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Mission Inhaler AC5
The Mission Inhaler AC5 Roller Hockey Skates are the first in the Inhaler line to feature the redesi..
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Mission Inhaler AC6
The Mission Inhaler AC6 Roller Hockey Skates are great for recreational to intermediate players..
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Mission Inhaler AC7
The Mission Inhaler AC7 Roller Hockey Skates are the best value in the Inhaler line.  The anato..
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Tour Code 1 Inline Hockey Skate
The Tour Code 1 is arguably one of the finest Inline Hockey Skates available on the market. The atte..
Tour Code 2 Inline Hockey Skate
 The Code 2 Skate from Tour Hockey takes comfort, agility, and style to a new level. The additi..
Tour Code 3 Inline Hockey Skate
The Code 3 Inline Hockey Skates, Model 88TAB01, is one of the best inline skates for the everyday, a..
Tour Code 5 Inline Hockey Skate
The Code 5 Skate from Tour is hands down the best inline hockey skate in its class. The chassis is a..
Tour Code 7 Inline Hockey Skate
The Tour Code 7 Inline Hockey Skate is without a doubt one of the best entry level skates we have ev..
Tour ETX 550 Roller Hockey Skates
Tour's entry level ETX 550 inline hockey skate is a great value for the new player! It features..
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Tour Fish Bone Lite PRO Hockey Skates
For the dedicated player, Tour Fish Bone Lite Series is the ultimate pro series skate. It uses&..
Tour Fish Bonelite 225 Inline Skate
Meet the the successor to Tour's amazing Thor 909 skates: the Tour Fish Bonelite 225 Inline Skates! ..
Tour Thor 808 Hockey Skate
This Tour is a super skate for young hockey players, at an excellent price point. Reliable and ..
Tour Thor 909 Hockey Skate
The Tour Thor 909 Roller Hockey Skates are a value priced skate choice, perfect for recreationa..
Tour Thor BX Pro Hockey Skates
The Tour Thor BX Pro roller hockey skate is a great choice for an intermediate indoor play..
Tour Thor GX7 Hockey Skates
The Tour Thor GX 7 Roller Hockey Skates, designed for intermediate to advanced levels of indoor play..
Tour Thor LX5 Hockey Skate
The Tour Thor LX 5 Roller Hockey Skates are a great value for recreational players.  ..
Tour ZT-800 Adjustable Hockey Skate
The Tour ZT 800 adjustable roller hockey skates are the perfect skate choice for the young..



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