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Inline Skates

Inline Skates

Inline Skating has been popular ever since its debut in 1987. The sport took off quickly when other countries discovered the sport making everyone revolutionize  the products into what we have today. Starting from ice, going to quads, and then to Inline, this sport has been on every type of skate out there. The biggest point for choosing a skate for inline skating is to have the lightest skate you can. Most skates today are made out of three different materials: Leather, Carbon Fiber, and/or Fiber Glass. Along with the light material boots, the Frames, or Plates are also made out of the lightest metals possible ranging from Magnesium to Aircraft Aluminum. The most important part of an Inline Skate is the wheels, or else you will go nowhere. Skaters have different preference to wheels depending where and how they are skating. For indoor tracks skaters prefer the hardest wheels they can find in order to reduce the give that wheels get due to body weight canceling out slower speed. For outside wheels they want the hardest outdoor wheel because the same reason applies, the softer the wheel, the more give, causing slower speed. Take a look at our What are Inline Skates Article for more on different types of inline skates and parts as well as our awesome products below. Have a good time choosing the perfect skate for you. Can't wait to learn even more? Check out all of our awesome Inline Skate Articles here!

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Mota Amped Inline Wheels
Mota Skates knows inline and it shows with the new Mota Amped Inline Wheels. This new uniq..
Mota Backpack
Carry your skate gear in style with a Mota backpack. This backpack is seriously nice.  The zipp..
Mota Boss Inline Racing Chassis
The Mota Boss Inline Racing Chassis is made of Aircraft 7075 T6 extruded alloy and machined to perfe..
Mota Hybrid Indoor/Outdoor Inline Wheels
These wheels from Mota are great for both indoor and outdoor skating! Coming soon. ..
Mota Inline Boot
Mota's new line of boots include Smart-Fit. Fitted heel cup, moldable shells, contoured toe box allo..
Mota Inline Skate Package
As if the Mota Inline Boot and Mota Boss Frame weren't enough, they have built it into an amazing pa..
Mota Inline Wheel Bag
The Mota Inline Wheel bag can store up to eight wheels up to 110mm. This nylon bag has clear ends th..
Mota TKO Inline Wheels
Get ready for the next BIG thing from Mota. Their new inline wheels come in 100mm, 110mm, and even 1..
Moto Ceramic Pearls
Moto Ceramic Pearls are the ultimate in ceramic skate bearings. Moto Ceramic Pearls stomp the compet..
Moto Deluxe Bearings
Moto Deluxe Bearings are built to the highest specifications and constructed from the best parts ava..
Based on 1 reviews.
Moto Premium Swiss Bearings
Moto Swiss Bearings are the most technologically advanced bearings in skating today. These..
Pilot Striker Frame
Whether at a rink for fun or at a gnarly competition, Pilot's Striker will give you the utmost ..
RD Elite Alpha 110 Speed Skate
The New Alpha 110 Skate from RD Elite is truly an amazing skate at an equally amazing..
RD Elite Alpha 125 Speed Skate
The New 125 Skate from RD Elite perfectly fills the gap between competition and commuter or fitness ..
Rock Star Bearings
Rock Star Abec 9 bearings are pre-lubricated so they require no break-in period. These bearings have..
Roller Derby Aerio Q-60 Inline Skates
Roller Derby's new Aeiro Q-60 Inline Skates are the skates for you! These inline skates come st..
Roller Derby Aerio Q-80 Inline Skates
Looking for a super fast, super sleek, inline skate? The Roller Derby brand Aerio Q-80 inline s..
Roller Derby Aerio Q-90 Inline Skates
The Aerio Q-90 Inline Skate by Roller Derby is a comfortable semi-soft skate designed for adult men ..
Rollerbones Bearing Clean And Lube Maintenance Package
Keep your ride smooth by taking quality care of your Rollerbones bearings with Devaskation's Ro..
$41.95 $39.99
Rollerbones Bearing Maintenance Package w/ Bearings
So, you've finally decided to buy the awesome Rollerbones Bearings you've been dreaming about. Why n..
$74.90 $69.00
Rollerbones Bearings
These Rollerbones Bearings have a great roll for any surface. They are smooth and silent, and come a..
Based on 5 reviews.
Rollerbones Holiday Gift Set
Cross off all the skaters on your list this year with Rollerbones Holiday Gift Set. A set of le..
Seba 4D Frames
The New Seba 4D Flat and Rockered Frames will revolutionize your own Skating style.  The new..
Seba Anti Rockers
What would an awesome aggressive skate be without anti rockers? At 42mm, these will change your skat..
Seba Balance Liner
Seba Balance liners give you the most comfort and control during your skate. The economical sha..
SEBA Carbon Downhill Skate
This skate is SEBA's High Light Carbon with a downhill frame designed for high speed and extreme dow..
Seba CC Wheels
The Seba CC wheels are what you need for a fast and smooth ride on rough surfaces! These wheels are ..
Seba CJ Wellsmore Skates
The aggressive pro skate from Seba! The Seba CJ Wellsmore pro aggressive skates have a carbon f..
Seba CK Wheels
The Seba CK wheels are designed for street and indoor skating.   Sizes 72mm, 76..
Seba CW White and Black Wheels
This is Seba's standard, high quality, white wheel with the black hub. This 85A hardness wheel comes..
Seba Deluxe Frame
The Seba Deluxe frame is widely known as one of the best freestyle skating frames. It is light,..
Seba Deluxe Wheels White
The Seba Deluxe wheels are very, well engineered, high precision wheels. If you really want to ..
Seba Downhill Frame
The Seba Downhill frame "EXCALIBUR" is engineered using extruded aluminum with an innovative tu..



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