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Inline Wheels

Inline wheels are basically the same as quad wheels as far as what they are made of, hardness to surface, etc. The biggest different is that inline wheels are about a third of the width and about twice as tall. The thinner wheel makes the push faster for skaters in the sport and the wheels being in a line helps the wheels go faster. The measuring is that same as other types of wheels too, the lower the durometered number the softer the wheel and the hgiher the number the harder the wheel. Remember though the lower the number the most likely the wheel can be used outdoors.

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Atom Boom Inline Wheels
Atom's new inline wheel, the BOOM, has an exclusive core and urethane technology made by Mearthane. ..
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Atom Boom Magic Inline Wheels
Now Availible in 125MM X-Firm & XX-Firm!!  125MM Firm Coming Soon. Atom BOOM MAGIC Po..
Atom Boom Road Inline Wheels
The Atom Boom Road is just one of the latest additions to the Atom inline wheel lineup. The Boom R..
Atom Matrix Outdoor Wheels
Atom's Matrix represents a MAJOR overhaul utilizing our X-Flex core and proprietary 'Insane Thane' f..
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Atom Matrix PLUS Inline Wheels - Outdoor
Matrix-PLUS – Atom’s latest efforts to provide speed skaters worldwide with a performance wheel at a..
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Atom One Inline Outdoor Wheels
These wheels have been discontinued and replaced with the Atom Matrix Wheels! The Atom One wheel ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Atom Spyder Traction Inline Wheels
Are you looking for inline wheels with brand new banded technology, but are on a budget? The Atom Sp..
Atom Sub-7 Inline Wheels
The evolution of indoor racing continues!  Atom's Sub-7 Inline Wheel features an improved Q rin..
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Crazy Illumin8 Flashing LED Inline Wheel
Light up your inline skates with Crazy's Illumin8 wheels! These wheels are fun for kids and adults a..
Gyro Lumen
The Lumen wheel is the hardest wheel that Gyro makes. This wheel is intended for indoor surfaces, an..
Gyro Lumen Hybrid Wheels
The Lumen Hybrid Inline Wheels were tested by and approved by a national champion. These wheels will..
Labeda Addiction Inline Wheels
An extremely durable, smooth, ultra- responsive urethane, wheel with a full radius profile. Per..
Labeda Lazer Wheels
These Labeda wheels are great for recreational and performance skaters alike. The Lazer feature Clea..
Labeda Millennium Wheels
With the original dual durometer, the Labeda Millennium has the hardest rebound urethane c..
Labeda Shooter Hockey Wheels
The Labeda Shooter is an all around wheel designed for the intermediate player looking for good..
Mota Hybrid Indoor/Outdoor Inline Wheels
These wheels from Mota are great for both indoor and outdoor skating! Coming soon. ..
Mota TKO Inline Wheels
Get ready for the next BIG thing from Mota. Their new inline wheels come in 100mm, 110mm, and even 1..



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