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Lucid Grip Spray
Lucid Grip Spray Lucid Grip Spray Lucid Grip Spray Lucid Grip Spray

Lucid Grip Spray

Brand: Select
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For those boards that a sheet just won't do...this is the solution for you! This awesome clear grip spray will give you just the grip you need on your board.

Package includes:

  • Step 1 "The Liquid"
  • Step 2 "The Grip"
  • Instructions

Light - is the most commonly used grip on most decks. Used for carving, cruising, and mellow rides. A rider can also ride barefoot with this grip without tearing up their feet. Also available in Glow in the Dark.

Medium - is a great option for those riders that are doing more advanced tricks and for riders that are doing some aggressive speed carving and sliding.Instructions: "Clear grip for your shred stick" Whether you need to patch up a bare spot on your board or grip a whole new deck Lucid Grip works well on all styles of skateboard decks. Lucid Grip is a two part application and takes between 30 to 40 minutes to dry.

Heavy - is used more for those aggressive riders; downhill speed riders and heavy sliding.

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