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Mota Inline Boot
Mota Inline Boot Mota Inline Boot Mota Inline Boot Mota Inline Boot Mota Inline Boot Mota Inline Boot

Mota Inline Boot

Brand: Mota Skates
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Mota's new line of boots include Smart-Fit. Fitted heel cup, moldable shells, contoured toe box allowing toes to grip and stabilize.

These boots have a slight toe rise and an embedded anatomical foot bed. The combination gives additional support, stability, and overall comfort. Flash boots have a new mounting system: One vertical slot in the center and a threaded hole on each side of the slot. This allows for vertical and horizontal micro adjustments. For those needing extreme side to side adjustment, threaded holes are available.

Mota's inline boots are basically stripped down to the bare necessities for speed. Mota has dropped the extra fluff. There are no buckles, screws, buckle supports or straps. The boot doesn't have or require excessive padding. It includes a removable, adjustable and replaceable velcro strap. The strap can be cinched down much tighter than a buckle. It's less cumbersome and there is no risk of broken parts. This also reduces weight. 2mm Paron padding. This closed cell padding reduces vibration, holds your foot firmly, and will not breakdown over the life of the boot.

Toe Box: Flash Boots all have an anatomical toe box that allows your toes to relax and grip your boot for improved balance, stability and comfort.

Heat Moldable for a Custom Fit: Flash boots have been designed with a moldable option (NOT REQUIRED).
Heat gun, oven, steam, all three are acceptable molding techniques.
Molding can be repeated as many times as needed without sacrificing the integrity of the boot.

Heel Cup: Designed with an extreme fit, because our heel cup is moldable we ensured the fit is tight for no slipping. Reduces blisters as well as enhances performance.

Stock Options:

-Anatomical carbon, or fiberglass base (shell), integrated with moldable technology
- Moldable for custom fit (optional)
- Anatomical foot bed
- Zip lace cover
- Microfiber upper and inside lining:

  • Lighter weight
  • Longevity
  • ​No stretch, maintain perfect fit

- Velcro ankle strap, adjustable/removable/replaceable
- Carbon & Fiberglass models
- Color black & white (as shown)
- Weight: 300 g. Size 6 - 8mm high mounting blocks
- Removable/Replaceable Stainless T-Nuts
- Vertical mounting slots & horizontal threaded holes
- Waxed Laces
- Mounting hardware

For boot sizing information check out our Sizing Charts page.

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Warranty 1 year from manufacturer

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