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Mota Skates

The mission and vision of Mota Skates is to manufacture unique skate components at a premium price that deliver an enhanced experience for the skater with the highest quality of service.

Mota Skates offer dynamic performance combined with superb design and premium quality.

Mota is for skaters and made by skaters. It is 100% owned and operated by Doug & Julie Glass who collectively have 19 World Titles. Two World Titles are on Quad skates for Doug and 17 World Titles are held by Julie for inline skates. Doug & Julie first entered the inline skate business in 1997 manufacturing carbon inline boots and aluminum frames in Huntington Beach, California. Doug has been in the industry and competitive speed skater since 1978 and Julie since 1989. Their passion is developing products to enhance skater performance and that passion shines through the Mota products. Doug and Julie were the oringinal founders, developers, and marketers of Atom, Bionic and Luigino from 2002-2015. An unfortunate partnership in 2012 removed them from their passion and authenticity with Atom Skates. They have now returned to their roots and passion in June 2015 with the birth of Mota Skates.

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Mota 16 Degree 8mm Trucks 3.0
The new Mota 16 Degree Trucks are a fantastic way to upgrade your plates. These trucks are made from..
Mota 5mm Hex Allen Tool
The right tool for the job is key for every skater, and now Mota Skates have it for you! Finding ..
Mota Backpack
Carry your skate gear in style with a Mota backpack. This backpack is seriously nice.  The zipp..
$69.00 $50.00
Mota Black Magic Package
The Mota Black Magic Package is everything you would expect from Mota Skates at a price th..
Mota Boss Quad Chassis
BOSS is the ultimate quad plate: Performance, simplicity, unprecedented warranty, designed and teste..
Mota Bushings
Mota’s new method of production is poured urethane (same is high performance wheels) instead of the ..
Mota Footbeds
When you want to skate all day or all night, Mota Footbeds are the solution to tired, achy feet. In ..
Mota Freedom Outdoor Wheels
Mota Freedom wheels are meant for outdoor use and are great for pavement, sidewalks, or asphalt. The..
Mota Max Air Carbon Quad Boot
Since first opening their doors, Mota Skate Company has been revolutionizing the quad skate industry..
Mota Max Air Savage Quad Boot
Mota just keeps killing it! New for 2019, the Mota Max Air Savage takes a fantastic boot and makes i..
Mota Metcon Carbon Quad Boot
Mota Skate Company has revolutionized the quad skate industry yet again. They have conti..
Mota Metcon Savage Quad Boot
The technology and attention to details are unparalleled upon their inception, the all new Mota Me..
Mota Mojo Savage Quad Boot
Upon their inception, Mota Skate Company revolutionized the quad skate industry. Since t..
Mota Monster Toe Stop
The Mota Monster Toe Stop is designed with a forged aluminum stem and features cut-outs on the toe s..
Mota Nuts
Mota Nuts are some of the greatest nylon nuts out there. They were designed to give skaters the abil..
Mota Quad Boot Heel Lift
Skate in comfort with new heel lifts for your quad boots. The Mota heel lifts are made from a f..
Mota Quad Package
Now you can build your custom Mota skate just the way you want it! Start by choosing which awesome b..
Mota Quad Wheel Bag
The Mota Quad Wheel bag can store up to eight regular wide sized wheels with a little extra room for..
Mota Skate Sox
Mota Skate Sox are made to protect your feet when skating.  These Sox have an ultra-soft inner ..
Mota Tights
Mota Compression Tights come in sizes XS-XL.  The Mota Compression Tight will maximize cir..
$46.00 $30.00
Mota TKO Quad Wheels
The all new Mota TKO wheel is like nothing we have ever seen!  Due to the design of the wheel&n..
Mota Toxic Hybrid Wheels - Grip & Roll
Mota Skates released the Toxic Hybrid wheel mainly for roller derby, but this wheel performs indoors..
Mota Turbine Wheels
Released in 2019, the Mota Turbine Wheel is one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanc..
Mota Waxed Laces
Mota is known for making the best of the best when it comes to skate products.  These waxe..
Quad Mounting Kit
Get all the Mounting supplies in one purchase. Included in this Kit: 12 Mounting Bolts 8 Axle ..



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