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Roller Skate Leash by Moxi Skates

Roller Skate Leash by Moxi Skates

Brand: Moxi
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Product Description

The Moxi Skate leash is a stylish and easy way to travel with or store your skates. Simply "leash" your skates to this handy, durable device and throw them over your shoulder. You're good to go! You can also hang your skates in a closet/garage with the leash. The material is durable and adjustable. The leash comes in a variety of styles and colors!

Moxi Leash Features:

  • This over the shoulder carrying strap eliminates the hassle of having to lug around your skates. Simply strap your skates to the Moxi Skate Leash and sling them over your shoulder.
  • The Moxi rollerskate leash helps lessen the weight of your skates by spreading it over a wide surface area. It won't cut into your shoulder, unlike other shoulder straps.
  • This versatile skate shoulder strap uses sturdy nylon canvas for long-lasting durability.
  • This versatile skate leash can loop and cinch around your skates for an adjustable and more comfortable transportation.
  • The Moxi Skate Leash can match whatever you need to carry by coming in a few versatile colors: black, pink, and rainbow.

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