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187 Elbow Pads
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187 Junior Tri-Pack
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Atom Supreme Knee Pads
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Phreakskate Outdoor "Energy" Custom Skate
Phreakskate Outdoor "Energy" Custom Skate Phreakskate Outdoor "Energy" Custom Skate Phreakskate Outdoor "Energy" Custom Skate Phreakskate Outdoor "Energy" Custom Skate Phreakskate Outdoor "Energy" Custom Skate Phreakskate Outdoor "Energy" Custom Skate Phreakskate Outdoor "Energy" Custom Skate

Phreakskate Outdoor "Energy" Custom Skate

Brand: PhreakSkates
Product Code: FRKOUTDOOR
Availability: In Stock Free Shipping on Order Over $100!

Every Phreakskate is customized to you, built with the very best components from reputable brands, and an extremely good value. Phreakskates require 1-7 day build time. Custom skates are hand-built and require attention to detail. If you cannot wait on a custom skate, please check out our skate options. But, trust us when we say that a custom skate is the way to go! Finally, if you have any questions, want advice, or need clarification of a custom option for Phreakskates, you can always put comments in the order form (we do read them) or give us a call.

The Base Phreakskate Outdoor Energy Components:

  • Jackson Elite Boot
  • Powerdyne Reactor Fuse Plate
  • Radar Energy Wheels
  • Bionic XS Toe Stop
  • BankRoll Abec9 Bearings

The Phreakskate Outdoor Energy Skate is a custom skate made from some of the very best components and brands on the market today. With so many options and brands to choose from, this custom skate gives you the ability to pick and choose the best component from your favorite brands. Let's face it, there isn't one single brand that dominates in quality and technology (well, maybe Mota). So, to get the very best skate you need to mix and match different components from different brands. Outdoor skating is extremely popular, but because it is inherently dirty and dusty outside, outdoor skating also requires durable skate components. Every skate component on the Phreakskate Outdoor Energy is curated for outdoor use, durability, and style. So, don't worry if you aren't sure about what to pick because all of the components work together and there are no wrong answers!

Don't forget about safety! You will be skating on surfaces that are rough and when you fall (and you will fall) you risk getting scraped up. By using some of the necessary protective gear you will at least protect your wrists and knees, which are most likely to get injured if you fall. Take a look at our selection of protective pads. If you need help with sizing let us know and we help get you the proper size.

For boot sizing information check out our Sizing Charts page.

Available Options

* Skate Size (Full & Half):

* Phreakskate Quad Boot:

* Phreakskate Plate:

* Phreakskate Outdoor Wheels:

* Choose Your Bearings:

* Choose Your Toe Stop:

* Lace Color :

* Lock Nut Color:

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Warranty All components come with manufacturer warranty.

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