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Pilot Eagle 2.0 Plus Plate
Pilot Eagle 2.0 Plus Plate Pilot Eagle 2.0 Plus Plate Pilot Eagle 2.0 Plus Plate

Pilot Eagle 2.0 Plus Plate

Brand: Pilot
Product Code: PE20P
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The Pilot Eagle 2.0 Plus Plate is made from a strong nylon material called Zytel and comes with 16 degree truck angles. The Eagle 2.0 Plus is newly designed to extend durability, making it one of the strongest nylon plates on the market. This plate is equipped with a one peice cast aluminum truck that fits 8mm bearings. The plate is attached to the steel kingpins that feature the Micro Adjustable Locknut/Washer system. This gives skaters ultimate control and comfort, all in one.


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Bionic Complete Tool Set

Bionic Complete Tool Set

Was: $29.00 Now: FREE

Bionic's Tool Set is a great asset for every skater! The set comes with all three Bionics wrenches, including the 1/2", 1/4" and 11/16" making all your changes on your skates a breeze. These tools are what you need if you change out your wheels for multiple surfaces and they are made of great quality. If you need tools for your skates and you can never find the right size, this is for you! All of the tools come in the Bionic Tool Bag for easy storage. Check it out!  

Bionic Mounting Kit

Bionic Mounting Kit

Was: $4.95 Now: $3.00

 This bionic mounting kit includes everything you need to mount your new Pilot plates.   

Kit Includes: 

4 Long Bolts 

8 Short Bolts 

12 Mounting Nuts 

Luigino Vertigo F-1 Boot

Luigino Vertigo F-1 Boot

Was: $140.00 Now: $190.00

While the Vertigo Q-4 and Q-6 are embracing new concepts to the skate boot shape and feel, The Vertigo F-1 is maintaing a traditional design. The Vertigo F-1 is designed with similar materials to the other boots to increase comfort and durability. The biggest difference between this boot and the other two is that this boot is the traditional shape of a skate, meaning that the toe box comes to a point in the center compared to the Q-4 and Q-6 where it is offset to align with toes. The F-1 is a great boot that upholds the popular Vertigo name well.

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Plate Specs
Bushings Medium Bushings
Plate Pilot Eagle 2.0 Plus
Trucks Two Piece 7075 Trucks with Adjustable Pivots
General Information
Warranty 1 Year from Manufacturer

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