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Pilot Viper 2.0 Plate
Pilot Viper 2.0 Plate Pilot Viper 2.0 Plate Pilot Viper 2.0 Plate

Pilot Viper 2.0 Plate

Brand: Pilot
Product Code: Pilot Viper Plate 6.00
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The Pilot Viper 2.0 Plate comes with 16 degree truck angles. The trucks are all one piece Cast Aluminum trucks. The plate is made of Zytel: a strong type of nylon plastic. The king pins are made of Steel making it harder for them to snap during use. The 2.0 is a lot stronger than the original Viper Plate, making it a very reliable Nylon plate compared to past models. They come with Urathane Bushings for the hard turns that these plates will experience. These axles fit 8mm bearings. This plate is an overall great plate for beginners, at a great price too!

This is a floor model that has never been used and will not include the original box. Details for frame:

  • Plate Size: 6.00
  • Plate Color: Black 
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