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PowerDyne Arius RED Plate
PowerDyne Arius RED Plate PowerDyne Arius RED Plate PowerDyne Arius RED Plate

PowerDyne Arius RED Plate

Brand: PowerDyne
Product Code: PowerDyneAP
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The PowerDyne Arius RED Plate came in like a wrecking ball in late in 2013. PowerDyne and Antik introduced the revolutionary Arius, a complete reinvention of the quad roller skate plate. The patented Arius is lighter, stronger, more stable, more powerful, more maneuverable, and more efficient than any other plate on the market. The patented Arius features Progressive Lateral Movement of the truck. The axle presses the Cushion Crown evenly against the entire surface of the uniquely shaped Butterfly Cushion. The result is stability with tons of action!

Updated Toe Stop Set Screw

Arius plates are now shipping with a new style toe stop set screw that provides greater clamping power and durability. Old style screws can crack under high load and should be removed and discarded. PowerDyne will replace old screws with the new version at no charge.

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