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Riedell Logo

Riedell has been a leading provider of roller skates, roller shoes, roller accessories, ice skates, figure skates, and skate accessories for over 70 years.

Paul Riedell and his wife established Riedell Skates in Red Wing, Minnesota in 1945. The Riedells’ vision was to produce skates and skate accessories with the highest quality, comfort, and design with the best value at an affordable price.

Paul Riedell was inducted as a member of both the Roller Skating Hall of Fame and the Ice Skating Hall of Fame in his career. He set out to make it easy and affordable for people of all ages and experience levels to get into the sport of skating.

The Riedells’ vision has continued to grow throughout generations. In addition to Riedell Roller skates and boots, Riedell has introduced a family of world-renowned brands in skate accessories. Their customizable skates include accessories such as PowerDyne plates, Radar wheels, and KwiK bearings.

Heat Molding and Customization of Riedell Skate Boots

Riedell provides a fully customizable skate. Lacing, toe box height, boot lining, toe angle, eyelets, wheels, and more options can be hand-picked by the skater, in order to create your perfect skate!

All of Riedell’s skating boots are designed to be heat molded to the foot. Riedell makes their skate boots utilizing a high-tech heat molding feature in order to make the boot conform exactly to your foot, to give the skater the utmost and long-lasting maximum comfort.

Boot adjustment is a very easy process for the user. The heating process merely takes heating up your boot with a hair dryer or heat gun in the area to be adjusted. Once the boots are warm to the touch, simply lace the skates tight to your foot and leave on for approximately 5 minutes, or until cool. To readjust, the process can be repeated with a heat gun applied to the specific area and can be adjusted with a boot press.

Many of Riedell’s skate boots also offer HF-5 heat moldable reinforcements

Riedell allows skaters to customize their skates (many at no extra charge!) with multiple color choices, patterns, and even sparkly options for all types of roller and ice skates.

Types of Skates Offered by Riedell

Riedell makes skates for all forms of skating. The unprecedented quality and comfort of their skates draws all types of skaters to their products. Riedell’s diverse product line offers a variety of skates and accessories used by roller derby skaters, dance skaters, artistic skaters, rhythm skaters, jam skaters, speed skaters, outdoor skaters, ice skaters, figure skaters, synchronized skaters, and more.

Riedell roller and figure skates, world-renowned quality boots, and lines of skate parts and accessories feature the most up-to-date design and materials. Roller skaters can trust a perfect fit and high performance with Riedell’s large variety of skates.

Riedell’s factory is still located in its hometown of Minnesota. The expert team of engineers, designers, and manufacturing specialists share a passion for skating. These dedicated, experienced individuals strive daily to carry out their excitement for the sport of skating, which is exemplified by the quality, detailed, top-notch products Riedell offers.

Famous People Who Use Riedell Skates

Riedell’s products have proven to be the best in their class. Riedell skates and accessories are used by Olympic Champions, World Champion Skaters, National Champion Skaters, Junior Champion Skaters, Canadian National Champions, and all over the world. Riedell figure skates have been worn by many famous Olympic skaters, including Kurt Browning, Johnny Weir, and Joannie Rochette. Disney on Ice performers such as Shannon, who plays Jessie in the Toy Story production, raves about her custom Riedell skates! The Finland Rockettes, also Riedell skaters, finished third in the 2014 World Synchronized Skating Championships in Italy!

Riedell in the Community

Riedell prides itself on its community outreach. Riedell sponsors fundraisers, tournaments, training camps, performances, and more! Jamie Sale is a long-time Riedell skater and supporter of the Special Olympics, handing out medals at the 2014 Summer Games in Vancouver.

Riedell Skates Sold by DevaSkation.com

Riedell Skates has successfully made best-in-class roller and ice skates and skate accessories available and affordable for skaters of all types and sizes. Riedell is a popular and trusted brand, and continues to offer the best products at the very best prices. Some of the most popular Riedell skates we carry are the Riedell R3, Riedell Dart Skate, and the Riedell Volt.

DevaSkation is proud to offer a large inventory of Riedell roller skates and accessories. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect skate to fit your needs, and at an unbeatable price! We stock hard to find, rare Riedell skates not available on other sites.

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