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Chingadera 2018

Carly Quick   »   February 16th, 2018
Chingadera 2018
Devaskation is proud to be a sponsor of this year's Chingadera! Chingadera is going to be so much fun and we're excited to see all of our amazing out of state customers and fans. For those of you that can't make it, we're offering a 10% off coupon good through 2/21 for almost everything online,...

Devaskation Premium Bundle Contest

Carly Quick   »   November 16th, 2017
Devaskation Premium Bundle Contest
Here at Devaskation, we love to help our customers! One way that we've been able to do that is to design custom packages that help you get everything you need at an amazing price. From SISU Starter Kits to the best Rookie Packages around, we're constantly coming up with new ways to help skaters ...

Roller Derby War Paint Photo Contest!

Carly Quick   »   November 15th, 2017   »   1 Comment
Roller Derby War Paint Photo Contest!
Show Us Your Roller Derby War Paint! Show Us Your Roller Derby War Paint & Win One of These Awesome Prizes! Now through 11:59pm PST October 31, 2017, submit your Roller Derby war paint photos for a chance at 1 of 5 prizes! The Devaskation Staff will choose the ...

Show Us Your Derby Kisses Photo Contest!

Carly Quick   »   November 14th, 2017
Show Us Your Derby Kisses Photo Contest!
Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. Those battle wounds we all so gladly boast about and all too often show off. Well, here is your chance to not only show the world how badass you really are, but to also win some really great safety gear to better protect your not-so-easily-fixed body part...

Show Us Your Superhero - RollerBones Signature Turbo Wheel Giveaway

Carly Quick   »   September 27th, 2017
Show Us Your Superhero - RollerBones Signature Turbo Wheel Giveaway
**Winner:  Sara Frank AKA UltraViolent** Thanks to Rollerbones for the awesome set of Signature Turbo Wheels they are sending UltraViolent and thanks to all of you awesome superheroes out there!! We all have heroes, and sometimes we're lucky enough to be a hero to someone. At Dev...

Battle on the Bank X

Carly Quick   »   May 30th, 2017   »   0 Comments
Battle on the Bank X
Thank you all for coming out and taking pictures with us at BOTB. Click here to check them out and feel free to download any images and share them on social media! Devaskation is proud to sponsor this year's Battle on the Bank! BOTB X is going to be amazing and we're excited to meet all of you. F...

Best Roller Derby Name of the Year

Carly Quick   »   January 16th, 2017   »   82 Comments
[poll id = "28"] "What's in a name?" Well, in roller derby... a LOT! Derby skaters pride themselves on their names, which represent aspects of their personality, skating style, clever sayings or puns, and are overall a huge part of participating in the sport. For some, their roller derby name...

The Best Roller Derby Players of 2016

Carly Quick   »   August 18th, 2016   »   15 Comments
We are looking for nominations for the "best" derby players as of 2016. You can nominate anyone you like, but the more nominations we get on a player the more likely he/she will make the poll. Please submit your nominations and questions below in the comments section. Haters and trolls wil...

7 Surprising Things You Keep in Your Derby Bag

Carly Quick   »   August 15th, 2016   »   0 Comments
Sports like baseball and bingo are well known for their superstitious nature. The lady carrying 3 purple frogs at bingo, and the jock strap that hasn’t been washed since 1978 in baseball has a new sport to contend with: ROLLER DERBY! Roller derby players carry some seemingly strange things in...

Happy Birthday Roller Derby - August 13

Auntie Social   »   August 15th, 2016   »   2 Comments
This week marks the 81st anniversary of one of America’s coolest inventions: the sport of Roller Derby. Envisioned by film publicist Leo Seltzer in 1932 and with the first game played on August 13th in 1935, the original game of Roller Derby was nothing like it is today. Roller Derby has seen many c...



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