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Speed Skates

Speed Skates are designed exactly for that... Speed! These boots are shaped differently to help you move faster, especially in races. They have the best plates mounted to them to give you the most stabilty, manuverabilty, and speed on the track. These skate set ups come with the best products on them for going fast! Take a look around and see what fits to your needs, Enjoy.

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Atom Helix Skate
Now available with any Atom Boom solid core or Atom DNA wheel, your choice! Atom Helix by Luigino..
Based on 2 reviews.
Atom Matrix Skate
The Atom Matrix by Luigino is the absolute top-notch skate package you can buy from Luigino. Mo..
Based on 1 reviews.
Atom Vortex Skate
The Atom Vortex by Luigino is a fantastic package for anyone that is looking to upgrade from their s..
Based on 1 reviews.
Chicago Bullet Speed Skate
Show off your skating skills in the Chicago Bullet speed roller skates. The low-cut b..
Crazy DBX 5 Skate
 The Crazy DBX 5 skate is rivals the strongest skates out there. The boot is made of waterproof..
Crazy V12 Skate
**This skate has been discontinued. Please check out the Crazy Flash Skate or the Crazy Rocket Skate..
Custom Atom Skate
Create your very own custom Atom skate!  Not only can you choose your favorite Atom boot, ..
Jackson Competitor Viper Alloy Skate
The Jackson Competitor Viper Alloy is one of the best performance derby packages we have ever s..
Jackson Elite Raptor or Alloy Skate
The Jackson Elite Raptor is one of the best Derby packages we have ever seen. A great combinati..
Jackson Rave Skate
The Rave is the new entry level quad roller skate from Jackson. Constructed from premium vinyl mater..
Jackson Vibe Snap Skate
The Jackson Vibe Snap skate package is a great beginner package for juniors (teens) and adults...
$100.00 $80.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Jackson VIP Skate
The Jackson VIP package is the best all in one deal for skaters breaking into the Derby World. This ..
Based on 2 reviews.
Labeda Voodoo U3
The U3 from Labeda is a great skate to start out in, and one of the best looking entry level skates ..
Labeda Voodoo U7
The Labeda Voodoo U7 has a pro feel and performance written all over it. This skate i..
Luigino Bolt Package
 This is the package all skaters dream to have. This Inline package is by far one of the fastes..
Pacer ATA-600 Quad Speed Skates
Rule the rink with the all new Pacer ATA-600 Quad Speed Roller Skates! A custom embroidered boo..
Phreakskate Candi Punch
The Phreakskate Candi Punch is the newest member of the Phreakskate family  Built on the Jacks..
$130.00 $100.00
Phreakskate Creampuff
The Phreakskate Creampuff skate is comprised of quality components at an extreme value. The boot is ..
Based on 3 reviews.
Phreakskate Ghost
The Phreakskate Ghost skate is comprised of quality components at an extreme value and competes with..
$142.00 $105.00
Phreakskate Heartbreaker
The Phreakskate Heartbreaker skate is comprised of high quality components and offers tremendou..
$323.00 $295.00
Phreakskate Liberty
The "Spirit of 76" is alive and well in The Phreakskate Liberty Skate. This skate, features the Jack..
Phreakskate Rink Runner
The Phreakskate Rink Runner is a competitor to some of the most popular skates around. The boot is a..
$213.00 $165.00
Riedell Hammer
The hammer from Riedell is a very fast skate. This low cut boot from riedell allows for great ankle ..
Riedell Minx Skate
When battling it out on the track, your skates need to provide power and control. The Riedell Minx h..
Based on 1 reviews.
Riedell Phaze
Customize your skate in the Riedell Colorlab before placing your order! The Phaze is the Model 951 u..
Riedell Quest
The Quest from Riedell is the perfect skate for dancers. The weight is ideal for those that are tryi..
Riedell R3 Patriot
The Riedell R3 Patriot skate is a unique skate released by Riedell in 2016 that features Sonar Patri..
Riedell Siren Skate
Performance meets customization in the Siren skate. Riedell's 1065 boot features the performance of ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Riedell Torch Skate
The revolutionary Torch skate returns with improvements designed to further push the boundaries of w..
Based on 1 reviews.
Roller Derby Elite Stomp Factor 1
The Stomp Factor 1 is a great skate package from Roller Derby Elite. This package is put together wi..
Roller Derby Elite Stomp Factor 2
 The Stomp Factor 2 is a fantastic skate. This Skate is made with Full grain leather, a one pie..
Riedell Dart Ombre Roller Skate
The Riedell Dart Ombre Roller Skate is a great skate for beginners or advanced skaters.  T..
Riedell Dart Polka Dot Skate
The riedell dart skate is one of the most popular skates around for indoor and recreational skaters...



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