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Roller Skates

Roller Skates

Buy roller skates on sale at Devaskation.com. Quad skates are four-wheeled roller skates that have two wheels in the front, and two in the back. Quad roller skates traditionally feature a rubber break, or toe stop in the front that makes for an easy, quick stop. Quad roller skates are preferred to inline skates by some due to their large footprint, which increases stability and confidence for roller skaters of all levels, especially with kids. Paired with excellent ankle support, these traditional roller skates are coined as the “original roller skate”, and have remained popular for over a century. Quad roller skates (or “quads”) are preferred by both beginner and advanced roller skaters alike. They are a perfect choice for novices and children, as well as highly developed, skilled roller skaters. We carry all types of roller skates including:

  • Artistic
  • Jam
  • Kids
  • Outdoor
  • Roller Derby
  • Rhythm/Dance
  • Speed
  • Vegan

Buying the right skate is a decision that we can help you with!  Don't know where to start? Check out our What are Quad Skates article to learn all the basics. Our friendly staff is also available to answer any of your questions and can even offer discounts on skates that aren't listed on our website!  There are many factors involved when choosing the right skate including boot, fit, components, price, and weight.  Your skate depends on what you as an individual want in a skate set up and the right skate make all the difference. Want even more information? Check out all of our articles on Quad Roller Skates and Roller Derby!

Not looking for quad skates? Check out our Inline Skates and Ice Skates!

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Riedell Diablo
The Riedell Diablo is one of the versions Riedell came out with for the r3 boot. The Diablo skate pa..
Riedell Grand Prix
 The Grand Prix from Riedell is a great skate for any kind of skating. The low cut on the boot ..
Riedell Hammer
The hammer from Riedell is a very fast skate. This low cut boot from riedell allows for great ankle ..
Riedell Jammer Skate
The Riedell Jammer Skate is a great boot for any jam skater or derby skater. The shearling tongue li..
Riedell Minx Skate
When battling it out on the track, your skates need to provide power and control. The Riedell Minx h..
Based on 1 reviews.
Riedell Monster
 The Monster is a great skate package that has it all.  The durability is incredible and t..
Riedell Phaze
Customize your skate in the Riedell Colorlab before placing your order! The Phaze is the Model 951 u..
Riedell Quest
The Quest from Riedell is the perfect skate for dancers. The weight is ideal for those that are tryi..
Riedell R3 Skate *.*Upgrades*.*
R3 Roller Skates are where the rubber meets the rink!  Riedell R3 skate boots have ex..
Based on 4 reviews.
Riedell RW  Wave Indoor Roller Skates
Designed with the occasional recreational skater in mind, the Riedell RW Wave delivers comfort and s..
Based on 1 reviews.
Riedell She Devil
The She Devil from Riedell is a great skate to start on. This boot is both durable and comfortable. ..
Riedell Siren Skate
Performance meets customization in the Siren skate. Riedell's 1065 boot features the performance of ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Riedell Storm
The Strom from Riedell is a great skate all asround. This skate is ideal for Jam Skating. the boot i..
Riedell Torch Skate
The revolutionary Torch skate returns with improvements designed to further push the boundaries of w..
Based on 1 reviews.
Riedell Tuff Toe
Riedell's Tuff Toe formula is designed to protect your boots. This coating is strong enough to prote..
Riedell Uptown Rhythm Skate
The Riedell Uptown Skate is a favorite for rhythm and jam skaters because of the high quality boot a..
Riedell Vandal
The Vandal from Ridell is a great boot at a great price. This skate includes the 265 boot, the Power..
Riedell Vendetta Skate
Riedell's hand-sorted full grain leather Model 265 boot now comes stocked in two different widths wi..
Riedell Vixen
Up your game with the Riedell Vixen. These are beyond your typical starter skates. Coming stock..
Riedell Vixen 165 Boot
Thd classic Riedell Vixen 165 boot, is now available on its own ready to be mounted with new pl..
Riedell Wicked Skate
As the sport of roller derby has evolved, so too must the iconic Wicked Skate. Our hand-sorted full ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Rock Star Bearings
Rock Star Abec 9 bearings are pre-lubricated so they require no break-in period. These bearings have..
Roller Derby Elite Stomp Factor 1
The Stomp Factor 1 is a great skate package from Roller Derby Elite. This package is put together wi..
Roller Derby Elite Stomp Factor 2
 The Stomp Factor 2 is a fantastic skate. This Skate is made with Full grain leather, a one pie..
Roller Derby Elite Stomp Factor 2
The Stomp Factor 2 is a great skate at an unbeatable price! Made with full grain leather, a one..
$99.00 $49.50
Rollerbones Art Elite Wheels
Rollerbones Elite wheels have the perfect competition shapes.  Poured using a high rebound, eas..
Rollerbones Bearing Clean And Lube Maintenance Package
Keep your ride smooth by taking quality care of your Rollerbones bearings with Devaskation's Ro..
$41.95 $39.99
Rollerbones Bearing Maintenance Package w/ Bearings
So, you've finally decided to buy the awesome Rollerbones Bearings you've been dreaming about. Why n..
$74.90 $69.00
Rollerbones Bearings
These Rollerbones Bearings have a great roll for any surface. They are smooth and silent, and come a..
Based on 5 reviews.
Rollerbones Bonnie Thunder and Rogue Runner Signature Series Turbo Wheels
Get your hands on a set of the all new 2017 Rollerbones Signature Series Bonnie Thunder or Rogu..
Rollerbones Devaskation Complete Bearing Kit
This kit includes a new set of Rollerbones bearing and everything you need to take care of them and ..
Rollerbones Holiday Gift Set
Cross off all the skaters on your list this year with Rollerbones Holiday Gift Set. A set of le..
Rollerbones Rogue Runner Signature Series Wheels
Get your hands on a set of the all new 2015 Rollerbones Signature Series Wheels Rogue Runner edition..



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