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Seba FR Skates - In Stock
Seba FR Skates - In Stock Seba FR Skates - In Stock Seba FR Skates - In Stock Seba FR Skates - In Stock Seba FR Skates - In Stock

Seba FR Skates - In Stock

Brand: SEBA
Product Code: SebaFR-AZ
Availability: In Stock Free Shipping on Order Over $100!

Hey great news, you're in luck.

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We know, we know...it's soooo hard to find an awesome Seba skate in your size that's actually in stock. Well, you're in luck. These skates are in stock now AND priced to move!!

The Seba FRX 80 Skates will bring out your inner freerider. The upgraded and lower priced Seba FRX80 skates are similar to the ever popular Seba FR1 skate. The shell and liner are the same, but with a standard aluminum frame. Different from its predecessor, the Seba FRX, has a wider opening which makes the skate more comfortable and easier to get on and off.  The Seba FRX is equally at home in urban, rink, recreational or freestyle skating. The FRX80 is a durable, affordable skate.

  • Frames: X2R rockerable frame
  • Wheels: Street Kings 80 mm 84A
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 bearings
  • Liners: New FR liner with enhanced fit

The SEBA FR Junior is back in black! This adjustable skate is perfect for growing children who need a high quality inline skate. The small skate adjusts from size 32 to size 34. The medium skate adjusts from size 35 to size 37. The large skate adjusts from size 37 to size 39. This skate comes with 231mm X Series frames and 76mm SEBA CK wheels (82A Hardness) with Abec-5 bearings

The FR3 is the new player in the family. Affordable and fully featured, with the new FR liner, the new X2R rockerable frame, Street King wheels, metal plate, 2 buckles, and also 310 & 325 frame-compatible. The new best choice for an affordable Pro skate. Red abrasive pad / 7 Holes Mounting block / steel spacers / 3D EVA footbed / standard insole / single arm strap.

  • Liners: FR Liners
  • Frames: New X2R Black Frames (80mm or 84mm)
  • Bearings: ABEC 7 Bearings
  • Wheels: Street KINGS Black Wheels

The high quality, Seba FR1 80 inline skates are consistently skater's top choice for freestyle, slalom, and dance. The wider cut boot makes them more comfortable from the start, and the 4 position plastic cuff allows you to wear them as tight as you like, but still makes getting them on and off easy.  

  • Frames: R1 243 mm 
  • Plate: 2x7 holes metal plate
  • Wheels: Street Invaders 80 mm/ 84A
  • Bearings: Twincam MW9 Freeride
  • Liners: FR
  • Insole: Seba Orthomove

Coming Soon - Brand New FR Skate Line!

For boot sizing information check out our Sizing Charts page.

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