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Show Us Your Superhero - RollerBones Signature Turbo Wheel Giveaway

Carly Quick   »   September 20th, 2017
Show Us Your Superhero - RollerBones Signature Turbo Wheel Giveaway
We all have heroes, and sometimes we're lucky enough to be a hero to someone. At Devaskation, we often find ourselves looking up to our awesome customers and the superheroes they are, and we want to see you! Show us your superhero for a chance at a sweet set of the brand new Rollerbones Signatur...

Show Us Your Derby Kisses Photo Contest!

Carly Quick   »   July 6th, 2017
Show Us Your Derby Kisses Photo Contest!
Yeah, you know what we’re talking about. Those battle wounds we all so gladly boast about and all too often show off. Well, here is your chance to not only show the world how badass you really are, but to also win some really great safety gear to better protect your not-so-easily-fixed body part...

Battle on the Bank X

Carly Quick   »   May 30th, 2017   »   0 Comments
Battle on the Bank X
Thank you all for coming out and taking pictures with us at BOTB. Click here to check them out and feel free to download any images and share them on social media! Devaskation is proud to sponsor this year's Battle on the Bank! BOTB X is going to be amazing and we're excited to meet all of you. F...

Cyber Monday Roller Skate Sale - 2016

Carly Quick   »   November 27th, 2016   »   2 Comments
It's a Cyber Monday Devaskation Sale! All Deals on this page are good on Cyber Monday (11/28/16) only! We are running a Cyber Monday scavenger hunt so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to get in on the scavenger hunt and you could get one of these three awesome items for fre...

Roller Derby War Paint Photo Contest!

Carly Quick   »   November 1st, 2016   »   1 Comment
Roller Derby War Paint Photo Contest!
Show Us Your Roller Derby War Paint! Now through 11:59pm PST October 30, submit your Roller Derby war paint photos for a chance at 1 of 4 prizes! The Devaskation Staff will choose 1 winner in each of the following categories and announce them on our social media accounts on Halloween: Best ...

Atom Inline Encompassed Technology

Carly Quick   »   April 1st, 2016   »   0 Comments
Atom Technology (Green) vs. the Competition (Pink) Atom Boom made by MPC, has rapidly become recognized as the #1 road wheel in the world. It is a widely known fact that MPC produces the best inline racing urethane in the world. That’s been proven with their domination of track world champion...

Summer Time and the Skating is Easy

Carly Quick   »   March 25th, 2016   »   0 Comments
Stay Out of the Heat and Work Out While Enjoying a Great Hobby! Summer is a time for sun, fun, and trying to keep cool! If you’re looking for a great way to slip back into your yellow polka-dot bikini, enjoy some fun with the whole family, or participate in the great American pastime of rolle...

Wheel Setups for Roller Derby - Featuring Mo Quadzilla

Carly Quick   »   March 25th, 2016   »   1 Comment
We get lots of questions on how to get speed and grip from wheel configurations. Every skater has a favorite wheel setup. Mo "Quadzilla" discusses his wheel set-ups for speed and grip. The video and transcription is below. Share your comments on your wheel setups and ask questions in the comments! ...

Roller Skate Halloween Costume Ideas - 2015

Carly Quick   »   March 25th, 2016   »   0 Comments
Halloween is the time for falling leaves, cool weather, and most importantly a time to have fun with putting together an awesome costume! Many trick-or-treaters crave costumes that make a statement – something that not only frights, but is also an expression of one that can’t be worn every day of th...

Atom is the Exclusive Distributor for EO Racing Frames

Carly Quick   »   March 25th, 2016   »   0 Comments
Effective Immediately, Atom Skates is the Exclusive Distributor in North America & Mexico for EO Composite Racing Frames. Atom Skates, based in Phoenix Arizona, and EO Racing frames, based in France, partner in an exclusive distribution agreement.   The Following Sizes W...



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