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Skate Parts

Skate Parts

Skate parts are important because well, without them you would not have skates. Normally we do not think about what it takes to build a skate but there are quite a few bits and parts that go in to it. You have everything from the boots themselves, so that you have something to put your feet into, to the trucks you'll need to put your wheels on. Today there are so many different companies with skate boots and plates to choose from in hundreds of choices when in in different colors, shapes, material, etc. Along with the plates you have trucks that also can come in multiple colors and materials. One of the most important parts of a skate are the wheels, so much so that we had to make it it's own category! Out of every piece of a skate, there are more wheels than every other part of a skate out there - different sizes, hardness, colors, it just goes on and on. Between the boots and the wheels, you have all the little things it takes to make skates work such as toe stops, king pins, lock nuts, cushions, pivot cups, bearings, etc. Take a look below to see how you can change your skates to make them your own piece of perfection. 

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Antik Laces
These laces are made by and desgined for Antik Skates. They are sized to fit perfectly Antik&nb..
Astro Nuts
Astro Nuts were the first Nylon nuts out there. They were designed to give skater the ability to cus..
Atom Poison Wheel Package
Upgrade your skates with the Atom Poison Wheel Package! This package includes Atom Poison Whee..
$120.00 $95.00
Axle Kit
Whether you are building a new pair of skates or just upgrading your favorites, this axle kit is per..
Bionic Bushings
Bionic Bushings feature high-rebound elastomer for long life and superior response. Available in:..
Based on 1 reviews.
Bones Reds Bearings
The Bones Reds are a great bearing at a great price. Some of the best skaters in the world roll..
Bones Super Reds Ceramic Bearings
 These bearings are a great bearing. They have the same frame and cage as the Bones Reds, but t..
Bones Super Redz Bearings
Bones Super Redz are made like the Bones Redz but with a higher quality of materials. These bearings..
Based on 2 reviews.
Bones Super Swiss 6 Bearings
Super Swiss 6, from Bones, are extremely great bearings to have. They have 6 ball bearings..
Bones Swiss Bearings
Bones Swiss Bearings are some of the best bearings you will ever find. They are well worth the cost ..
Based on 3 reviews.
Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
These bearings are one (if not the) best bearings you can buy. The Cerbec ceramic balls are much lig..
Colored Skate Laces
 Colored laces for that little extra splash of color on your skates. Available in 6 colors and ..
Crazy Arrow Stops
Crazy Arrow Toe Stops are great for anyone. These are non-marking stops that will not leave a black ..
Crazy Big Bloc Stops
Crazy Big Bloc Stops are great. They are preferred by skaters that like a big toe stop surface. This..
Crazy Bounce Toe Stops
Crazy Bounce Toe Stops are large grippy toe stops for all types of skaters. The stops will BOUNCE ba..
Crazy Lil Bloc Toe Stops
Crazy Lil Bloc Toe Stops are a great choice in toe stops for a variety of skaters. The stops are 45m..
Crazy Skates Apollo Plate
Crazy Skate's famous nylon skate plate, the Apollo, comes in a range of sizes and colors to fit many..
Crazy Skates ILQ 9 Gold TwinCam Bearings
These bearings are made for speed! There are 6 balls within each bearing (instead of 7 like most bea..
Devaskation Bionic Bearing Kit
This Devaskation Bionic Bearing Kit is some great gear at a great price! over $75.00 of Bionic Gear...
$75.00 $65.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Devaskation Tool Bag
Check out our cool little Devaskation tool bag to hold all your skate tools strong and thin ..
Based on 2 reviews.
EO Carbon Frame
The EO Carbon Frame is the choice for some of the top competitors in the world the 3d foam core dras..
GrnMnster Superball Toe Stops
Check out the newest addition to the GrnMnster Family. GrnMnster the makers of the Gumball..
Kwik Swiss Nitride Bearings
   The Kwik Swiss Nitride Bearings s an evolutionary bearing. The materials this bear..
Labeda Proline Plate
The Labeda Proline plate is a fantastic plate. Made with 7000 series Aluminum, thi splate is very st..
Labeda U3 Boots
The U3 from Labeda is a great boot. this boot is made with very durable material that is soft and fl..
Labeda U7 Boots
The U7 from Labeda is a fantastic skate to start with. This boot is made from Full Grain Leather and..
Lace Hook and Laces
Refresh you're skates with a great selection of laces to fit your style, and  lace hook that al..
Luigino Ankle Power Strap
The Luigino Ankle Power Strap is designed to keep your feet securely into your boots. This strap&nbs..
Luigino Nano Buckle Kit
Perfect for updating or repairing your current buckles! These are dependable and long lasting. ..
Luigino Replacement Straps
If you need to upgrade or replace faulty equipment, these replacement straps will get the job done.&..
Moonwalker Toe Stops
Moonwalker toe stops from PowerDyne are designed in a distinct “tear-drop” shape which gives more fl..
Mota Boss Quad Chassis
BOSS is the ultimate quad plate: Performance, simplicity, unprecedented warranty, designed and teste..
Mota Bushings
Mota’s new method of production is poured urethane (same is high performance wheels) instead of the ..



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