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Plates are changing as time goes on. They all started off at a basic angle, same material, etc. Today however, everything is completely different. There are different angles, different materials, different styles, different trucks, different cushions, and so much more. Becoming popular are the 16 degree and 45 degree kingpin angled plates. The rise in popularity is because they help the skate's turn radius, and the stability of skaters while on the track. The materials went from an original tool steel plate, which was very heavy, to aluminum, aircraft aluminum, and now in some places carbon fiber plates. They started with weights of a few pounds, and went to less than one pound put together. Take a look and see what kind of plate may suit you the best.

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Crazy Skates Apollo Plate
Crazy Skate's famous nylon skate plate, the Apollo, comes in a range of sizes and colors to fit many..
Crazy Skates Venus Plates
Crazy Skates Venus plates are a perfect custom touch to any skate. They come in a variety of vibrant..
Labeda Proline Plate
The Labeda Proline plate is a fantastic plate. Made with 7000 series Aluminum, thi splate is very st..
Mota Boss Quad Chassis
BOSS is the ultimate quad plate: Performance, simplicity, unprecedented warranty, designed and teste..
Pilot Falcon 2.0 Plate
The brand new colored Atom Falcon Plates are here!  The Pilot Falcon Plate is a great durabl..
Pilot Falcon Plus Plate - Custom
The Pilot Falcon Plus Plate is the top of the line plate from Pilot and comes in a number of styles,..
PowerDyne Arius NTS Plate
The legendary PowerDyne Arius Plate has a new member of the family designed for Rhythm Skaters...
$299.00 $249.00
Powerdyne Arius Platinum Plate
The All New Lightweight PowerDyne Arius Platinum Plate with Split Butterfly cushion design. This pla..
PowerDyne Arius RED Plate
The PowerDyne Arius RED Plate came in like a wrecking ball in late in 2013. PowerDyne and ..
$250.00 $199.00
PowerDyne DynaPro Plate
The PowerDyne DynaPro is a Lightweight and durable aluminum plate made for all skaters. This plate c..
PowerDyne Reactor Fuse Plate
If you're looking for a good nylon plate for a good price, you've found it! The Reactor Fuse, offers..
PowerDyne Reactor Neo
The new Powerdyne Reactor Neo from Riedell is an amazing plate offering features normally only found..
PowerDyne Reactor Pro Series Plate
PowerDyne's Reactor is a ten degree kingpin angled plate that offers explosive power, and provides m..
PowerDyne Revenge Plate
The Revenge has been totally revamped to offer a combination of value, stability, and performance th..
PowerDyne Rival Plate
Durable, responsive, and lightweight, the all-new Rival from PowerDyne has been engineered from star..
PowerDyne Thrust Plate
The PowerDyne Thrust is the most affordable plate that PowerDyne offers. You will get a durable nylo..
PowerDyne Triton Plate
The Triton plate from PowerDyne is made from high pressure diecast aluminum and has a wide foot plat..
Roller Derby Elite Neutron Plate
 The Neutron plate from Roller Derby Elite is bound for glory. Made of Aircraft Aluminum this p..
Roller Derby Elite Pro Octane Plate
The Pro Octane Plate from Roller Derby Elite is the highest quality plate Roller Derby Elite has to ..



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