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Skates for Christmas

Posted by Carly Quick

Skates for Christmas

Christmas PresentsSkating is a great hobby for people of all ages, and is safe fun for children even at a young age! Devaskation offers the best quality skates to assure both you and your child are safe, comfortable, and confident skating.

Perfect as a gift for the holidays, we are proud to offer the very best skates for the children in your life! Below are three best-selling, highly recommended skates for children but can be used by adults as well. They are ideal for young skaters due to the fact that they are available in smaller sizes.

Some of our top of the line skates are made by Atom Skates, Jackson, Luigino, Mota, and Seba Skates. As with all of our Skates, the ones listed are of the utmost comfortability and quality, featuring boots to fit perfectly to your foot, you can rest assure you'll be stable and confident! Take a look at these awesome categories below to find what will make your loved ones squeal with delight!!

Christmas Gifts For Little Kids

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates

Moxi Beach Bunny Roller SkatesThe Moxi Beach Bunny Vegan Roller Skates are more affordable than the Moxi Ivy and just as awesome. The Beach Bunny drym-dyed vinyl boots are attached to smaller outdoor wheels for bouncing around town and dance skating when you feel that beat. You'll love the glitter polyester laces and brand new Moxi Dri-Lex lining. These skates are available in Peach Blanket, Periwinkle Sunset, and Blue Sky which are all available in sizes 1-10. These animal-friendly skates also come with an extra pair of toe guards for the park skater you know you want to be.

Phreakskate Ghost

Phreakskate GhostThe Phreakskate Ghost is an excellent choice for a pre-teen skater. It is an extreme value and provides plenty of speed, support, and style. These skates have low-cut boots that will help your child build up ankle strength for speed skating and features name-brand components that are considered "above average" in all areas. The wheels on this skate are okay for outdoor skating, but actually intended for indoor rink running. Feel free to add your own custom laces to get a little more style and variety. We sell other colored skate laces and recommend the Spark Derby laces because they are extremely durable.

Roller Derby ion Adjustable Skate

Roller Derby Ion Adjustable Inline SkateThe Roller Derby Ion Adjustable Inline Skate comes in both boys and girls models and makes a great inline skate for kids because the sizing is adjustable so that the skate can grow with your child. This saves your money and allows the child to spend a lot of time on one skate instead of switching out and breaking-in new skates every year. These skates aren't going to last forever though and if your child likes inline skating a more expensive option will be necessary as the child grows and gets better at skating. These are an entry-level inline skate.

Christmas Gifts For Big Kids

Atom Pro Package

Atom Pro PackageThe Atom Pro Package will change inline speed skating as we know it. This skate is a complete, high-quality, entry-level inline skate package from a name you know and trust; Atom Skates! Get the great Atom Pro Carbon Fiber Shell and Heat Moldable Boot (Available in sizes 6-13), Atom Pro 6000 Grade Aircraft Aluminum Frame 12.8 4x100, Bionic Abec 7 Bearings, and 100mm Green Atom Matrix Wheels for an unheard of price!


Jackson Rave Snap Rink Skate

Jackson Rave Snap Rink SkateThe Jackson Rave Snap Rink Skate is the new entry level quad roller skate from Jackson. Constructed from premium vinyl materials, a PVC sole and the Jackson Plate, this skate is a great beginner package for kids, juniors (teens), and adults. With multiple options for customizing this great skate, you're sure to find that you can mix your own personal style with an awesome skate package!


Phreakskate Ravenous

Phreakskate Ravenous

The Phreakskate Ravenous skate is comprised of quality components at an extreme value. The boot is a Jackson Rave boot that is comfortable and durable and perfect for new or beginner skaters. This skate comes with Seba Luminous light up outdoor wheels that are great for outdoor skating! The skate has upgraded Bionic Abec-7 bearings so you know you'll fly down the streets!


Christmas Gifts For Roller Derby Skaters

Phreakskate Brutal Beauty

Phreakskate Brutal BeautyThe Phreakskate Brutal Beauty, like all of our Devaskation Phreakskates, are built with top-of-the-line components from the best manufacturers in the skating industry. We started with the Jackson Vantage Boot that provides comfort and performance with a great look. The Pilot Viper Plates are lightweight, strong and designed specifically for performance skaters. The Pilot plate has 16 degree double-action adjustable trucks with high rebound bushings. Combine that with the awesome new Savant wheels and The Phreakskate Brutal Beauty is the lightest most agile Phreaskate yet.

Phreakskate Predator

Phreakskate PredatorWith your Phreakskate Predator, you'll have everything you need. Slip your foot into the Mota Savage Boot that provides comfort and performance with a great look resting on a Crazy Skates Apollo Plate or Pilot Falcon Plate in some amazing color options! Combine this with the awesome new Savant wheels and The Phreakskate Predator is the lightest performing Phreaskate yet! Add the Bionic Abec 7 bearings and a Mota Monster toe stop and you have a top-of-the-line derby skate at an amazing price. The wheels alone retail at $100 and all of the components purchased separately would cost almost $400.


Christmas Gifts For Speed Skaters

Luigino Strut 4-Wheel Inline Skate

Luigino Strut 4-Wheel Inline SkateThe Luigino Strut 4-Wheel Inline Skate was built by a world-champion speed skater, Doug Glass. These skates are no joke. They are designed for skaters that want to push the limits of speed. The Strut 4 Wheel Package includes the popular Strut Boot by Luigino, which maximizes comfort for skaters, and a Pilot Striker frame, made with ultra strong, lightweight heat treated aircraft aluminum.


Mota Black Magic Savage Skate

Mota Black Magic Savage SkateThe Mota Black Magic Savage Skate is everything you would expect from Mota Skates at a price that is truly unbelievable. The Mota Mojo Boot Line is the best of the best and now you can combine the new entry level, all black Savage boot with the Mota Boss Frame and choice of Mota Toxic Wheels. This package is your chance to get the skates of your dreams for a price you'll love!


Christmas Gifts For Adult Rink Skaters

Phreakskate Rink Runner

Phreakskate Rink RunnerThe Phreakskate Rink Runner skate is an insanely popular, entry-level skate and is our best-selling junior speed skate. Jackson is a brand you can trust and they have been in the business of making skates for nearly a century. The wheels on this skate are rated for indoor use, but you can easily swap them out for Atom Pulse wheels and make this skate perfect for outdoors. If you would like to customize the skates with different colored laces or toe stops you can do that too! This is a dependable skate and typically purchased for skaters that like rolling around the rink on the weekends. Usually recommended for kids age 10-16!

R3 Demon

R3 DemonThe R3 Demon Skate is everything you would expect from a great rink skate for skaters of any age! The boot and wheels are the perfect combination of performance and value, with a bit of fun color with the Sonar Demon EDM wheels (2016 Edition) and Abec 5 bearings.



Christmas Gifts For Adult Outdoor Skaters

Phreakskate Rink Runner

Phreakskate Outdoor EnergyThe Phreakskate Outdoor Energy offers the best in quality and value. If you purchased ONLY the boot and the wheels you would pay over $200. This skate is complete and needs NO upgrades for outdoor skating. We have worked extremely hard to bring you a solid value and the Phreakskate Outdoor Energy is one of the best outdoor skates we've ever offered.!


Seba FRX 80 Skates

Seba FRX 80 SkatesThe Seba FRX-80 is a great inline skate for teens and young adults. SEBA is one of the best in the industry for high quality inline skates. The FRX is their mid-grade skate with stunning performance and quality. You will love how comfortable this skate is!



Christmas Gifts For Skate Park Skaters

Antik MG2 Skatepark Skate

Antik MG2 Skatepark SkateThe Antik MG2 Skatepark Skate comes with the all new Antik MG-2 Boot, a Powerdyne Reactor Fuse Nylon plate, Moto deluxe bearings, Gumball toe stops, and your selection of CIB wheels! Already have your tricks down and need a stronger plate? Upgrade to the Reactor Neo Aluminum Plate for even more strength!


Seba FR1 80 Skates

Seba FR1 80 SkatesThe Seba FR1-80 Skates are consistently skater's top choice for freestyle, slalom, and dance. The wider cut boot makes them more comfortable from the start, and the 4 position plastic cuff allows you to wear them as tight as you like, but still makes getting them on and off easy.



Christmas Gifts For Rhythm and Dance Skaters

Riedell Angel Skate

Riedell Angel SkateIf your pre-teen or teenager is interested in rhythm skating, the Riedell Angel Skate is a great choice! Want to dance and skate with your kids, grab yourself your own pair of these awesome skates! This skate is composed of Radar Riva wheels in some great colors, Kwik Abec-5 bearings, and Powerdyne's Thrust nylon plate.


Riedell Uptown Rhythm Skate

Riedell Uptown Rhythm SkateThe Riedell Uptown Rhythm Skate is a favorite for rhythm and jam skaters because of the high quality boot and components. These skates are sized for men 1-13 and come in black only. The skate is loaded with PowerDyne Thrust Nylon plates with 15 Degree polished trucks and steel king pins. You can choose Radar Riva, Varsity, or Varsity Plus wheels. This skate also comes with a jam toe stop and Kwik bearings. Skate and jam to the rhythm in your head.





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