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Sure-Grip Classic Plate with Trucks

Sure-Grip Classic Plate with Trucks

Brand: Sure-Grip
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Product Description

The Sure-Grip Classic plate is an artistic plate for the intermediate skater that is accustomed to a standard 10 degree double action plate but wants to have the option of adjusting the pivot action.

The Sure-Grip Classic is a forged plate with an offset toe stop placing the toe stop right under the big toe allowing the a more direct transfer of energy from the skates foot to the stop. This creates more precision with less effort for better jumps and even greater control. These plates are a truly classic design that have been used by some of the best skaters for decades. A fantastic plate for a person who is ready to make the jump from skating as a hobby to competitive skating.


Plate Forged or 7075 aluminum

Trucks Cast double action -

Classic truck Hanger 

Cast Axles 

7mm or 8mm steel only Cushions 

Rubber, 3 hardness ratings Kingpin 

Steel low profile Jump brace 




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