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Vanilla Junior Smurfs
Vanilla Junior Smurfs Vanilla Junior Smurfs

Vanilla Junior Smurfs

Brand: Vanilla
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Product Description

Vanilla is proud to introduce the Vanilla Junior Smurf complete skate. The Junior Smurf boot features a strong, fully stitched rubber outsole, and super tough skate shoe lining. The plate on this package is Vanilla's first nylone plate and features a 5 degree action to increase stability with specially designed, cone shaped cushions to increase response. Vanilla jam plugs, designed and tested by Team Vanilla for all types of skating, are the recommended jam plug choice. The ABEC-9, race spec bearings will keep you flying around the floor and have been rigorously tested by Team Vanilla to make sure they will endure the test of time. Surrounding those great bearings, are top quality, super light Backspin nylon hub wheels that come with a lifetime warranty.

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