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Vanilla Skate Company

Vanilla Skate Company offers skates and skating accessories from China at an affordable price. Vanilla skate designers use the best China has to offer and produces skates, wheels, plugs, and bearings. Vanilla products are perfect for beginner skaters and kids. They are used in jam skating, speed skating, derby skating, rink or indoor skating, and more.  The brand was supposedly started by a derby player and Mike Lehrke and distributed out of the same warehouse as RC Sports in Lenexa, KS. However, since Mike has been let go from RC Sports for the alleged sexual misconduct, RC Sports immediately sent out a letter stating it now owns Vanilla Skates. As to who actually owns and supports the brand, who knows?

Vanilla Skates

Vanilla Skate Company skates and skate accessories are used by some jam skaters.

Vanilla FlavorSpot

Vanilla FlavorSpot is a new offering that lets you customize every facet of your skate, from design to materials. You can even choose to get unlimited changes to the model of your skate and swap parts as you please at an extremely low price.

Vanilla skates use only the finest Chinese, top grain, hand sorted leather. From kids to recreational skaters, advanced to semi-famous jam skaters, Vanilla offers skates to suit those looking for value.

Vanilla Roller Derby Skates

Vanilla Roller Derby skate line was the first and only roller derby skate line originally owned (in part and in legend) by an active roller girl, but that partnership has since dissolved and the line is currently owned and operated by RC Sports.

Vanilla Jam Skates

In addition, a member of Vanilla’s Jam PRO Team, Brandon Perea, a world famous jam skater, helped to design the very popular Junior Tuxedo skate.

Team Vanilla – Pro Skaters

Vanilla Skate Company sponsors multiple professional teams, showcasing skaters around the country. Teams Vanilla currently sponsors the Vanilla Professional or PRO Team, the Vanilla Am Team, the Vanilla Flow Team, the Vanilla Derby Team, and the Vanilla Derby Junior Team.

The Vanilla Am Team features up-and-coming jam skaters who tour the country performing for huge crowds of fans. Skaters on the Am team include Hayden Webb, Ryan Butler, Junior Acosta, Leo Romney, Nate Snow, and Darion Reyes.

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Vanilla Junior Altitude Roller Skate
The New Vanilla Junior Altitudes Skate has everything you have come to expect from Vanilla. Per..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Vanilla Assassin Speed Inline
The Vanilla Assassin Inline Speed Skates are a super choice for intermediate to advanced fitnes..
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Vanilla Backspin Beastmode 2015
The all new Vanilla Beastmodes are coming!!! Vanilla Skate Company has added several colors and Hard..
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Vanilla Backspin Royal Wheels
Skate like royalty with the Backspin Royal wheels from Vanilla. Get ready for the new Vanilla Bac..
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Vanilla Carbon Speed Inline Skates
The Vanilla Carbon Inline Speed Skates are simple and beautiful, but they still deliver. Light, ..
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Based on 6 reviews.
Vanilla Derby - Blackout Pro Plus
The Blackout Plus by Vanilla Derby features the new Blackout boot. This boot is made with Italian Le..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Vanilla Derby Renegade
The new Renegade 3.0 skate package from Vanilla Derby, features an Italian leather boot with Vanilla..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Vanilla Derby's Straight Jacket Boot
The New Straight Jacket Boot is Vanilla's freshest product on the market. This boot is made with t..
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Vanilla Empire Speed Inline Skates
New for 2014! This is a super fast inline speed skate from Vanilla featuring half fibergla..
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Vanilla Freestyle Boot
The Vanilla Freestyle has become the go to boot for high-end skates. The Vanilla ..
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Vanilla Freestyle Pro
Into Jam Skating? Then this is the package for you!  This is a great boot to own for Jam skatin..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Vanilla Renegade 3.0 boot
 The Vanilla Renegade 3.0 Boot has been improved even more from the original now. The original ..
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Vanilla Skate String Bag
Carry your skate gear in style with the brand new 2015 Vanilla String Bag. This bag allows you to ea..
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Vanilla Skate Travel Bag
Bring all of your derby gear wherever you go with the brand new 2015 Vanilla Skate Travel Bag! This ..
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Vanilla X1 Speed Inline Skate
The Vanilla X1 Speed Inline Skate is perfect for adults and kids that love to inline speed skat..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Vanilla Junior Code Red Limited Edition
The New Vanilla Code Red Skate is the latest in the great line up of Jam Skates from Vanilla. These ..
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Vanilla Junior Denim Roller Skates
The New Vanilla Junior Denim Skates Are Now Available!!! Make your jeans jealous with the ne..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Vanilla Junior Grape Ade Skate
The Vanilla Grape Ade continues the Vanilla Skate Company move to the top of the Jam Skate line. The..
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Based on 1 reviews.
Vanilla Junior Smurfs
Vanilla is proud to introduce the Vanilla Junior Smurf complete skate. The Junior Smurf boot fe..
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Based on 5 reviews.
Vanilla Junior Tuxedo
The Vanilla Skate company joined with Brandon Perea to help design a skate with class and performanc..
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Based on 2 reviews.
Vanilla Skate Backpack
The 2015 Vanilla Skate Backpack is a stylish and convenient way to carry your skates, derby gear, to..
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