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ADONIS LoRide Slider Plate 1.7

ADONIS LoRide Slider Plate 1.7

Brand: Adonis
Product Code: ADONISLO1.7
Availability: Discontinued by Manufacturer Free Shipping on Order Over $100!

Thes eplates like the others are great for sliding. These are like the other versions of the Adonis plates but slightly bigger. They allow for more wheel space help with that manuverabilty on the floor. The 45 degree angle helps keep skaters balanced while the low profile keeps all wheels on the ground, not as easy to lose balance. If you are looking for a plate to help keep you upright while sliding check these out today. 

This plates axle is 1.7 inches from the bottom of the skate boot 

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Warranty 1 Year from Manufacturer

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