Roller Derby Elite

Roller Derby Elite is a premium brand within the world of roller skates and roller derby equipment, offering high-quality products designed for elite-level skaters. Founded in the early 2000s, the brand has quickly become known for their innovative designs, superior materials, and commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for their customers.

Roller Derby Elite’s flagship product is their line of high-performance roller skates, which are designed to provide maximum speed, agility, and control on the track. Made from high-quality materials, including carbon fiber, Kevlar, and leather, Roller Derby Elite skates are built to withstand the rigors of competitive play and offer superior comfort and performance. The brand’s “Candi Girl Carlin” model is a favorite among top-level skaters, thanks to its lightweight design, responsive handling, and sleek aesthetics.

In addition to their skates, Roller Derby Elite also offers a range of accessories, including wheels, bearings, and protective gear, to help skaters customize their setups for optimal performance and safety. They also offer a variety of instructional resources and support to help skaters at all levels develop their skills and achieve their goals.

Roller Derby Elite is committed to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices, using eco-friendly materials wherever possible and ensuring that all of their products are produced in fair and safe working conditions.

Overall, Roller Derby Elite is a brand that stands for performance, innovation, and excellence in the roller skating world. With their high-performance skates, range of accessories, and commitment to sustainability, Roller Derby Elite is a top choice for elite-level skaters who demand the best from their equipment.

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