Custom Color Skates

A lot of companies today are giving the skaters a lot more room to make their skates their own. Instead of just the standard black or white skates, people can now design each one of their boots. You can have a blue boot with a red tongue, and visa versa. More companies are starting to follow this trend because in the end, skaters should have skates they love that also say something about their personalities. Please note that custom skates do take longer to make and depending on what you order, they can take 4-8 weeks to ship. Both Mota and Riedell offer some great customizing options so grab your color wheel (we know you have one) and put your own personal style into some awesome boots!

Mota Custom Skate Riedell Color Lab
Mota Skates has made their amazing boots even better with the option to customize them more than we’ve ever seen. Not only can you choose colors for most of the parts of the boots, you can choose your custom plate and truck colors! That not custom enough? You can now do custom prints on the Savage and Carbon too!! If you dont just want Riedell boots, but you want them custom colored visit this link and design your boots now! Take a look below and remember while customizing you have to do both boots, each boot can be different or the same as the other. Forward us the saved copy of your design and we will take it from there.

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