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Cyber Monday Roller Skate Sale - 2019

Carly Quick   »   November 21st, 2019   »   2 Comments

Give Skates

Why wait until after Thanksgiving for Cyber Monday? It's a Nov 1 through Cyber Monday Devaskation Sale! All Deals on this page are good from 6am on Nov 1, 2019 through midnight on Cyber Monday 2019 only!

20% off all Custom Skates Listed Below with Coupon Code CYBER2019:

Free BankRoll Bearings with Select Wheel Purchases:

**Limit of 1 free item per customer. Deals cannot be combined with any other deal or offer. Deals on this page are good from 11/1/19-11/26/19 only.

Carly Quick (Author)

Cyber Monday Roller Skate Sale - 2019

Carly Quick is a writer for all things skating and has been featured on DevaSkation.com and other skating blogs.  Currently, she covers topics such as roller derby, artistic skating, inline skating, and anything else closely or remotely related to skates. 


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