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Deadbolt Apex Knee Pads
Deadbolt Apex Knee Pads Deadbolt Apex Knee Pads Deadbolt Apex Knee Pads Deadbolt Apex Knee Pads

Deadbolt Apex Knee Pads

Brand: Deadbolt
Product Code: DBKneeApex
Availability: Discontinued by Manufacturer Free Shipping on Order Over $100!
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Finally, pads have evolved! The New Apex Pads from Deadbolt Derby are here! 

Deadbolt Derby has been producing some of the best high impact knee pads in the business and the new generation Apex pads have taken it to a new level. These pads feature a high strength neoprene and elastic bands fitted with non-abrasive Velcro. This combination provides a snug and comfortable fit, that avoids "derby rash" and does not stretch out like traditional elastic. The Apex pads have a dual layer of foam. The high density foam forms the outer layer for protection while the inner layer is made with memory foam for comfort. Both the foam and caps are removable making it easy and safe to wash the industrial Cordura covers. The Apex caps are made of ballistic polycarbonate and provide one of the highest levels of protection on the market! The combination of the new design and memory foam inner layer provide fantastic fit and flexibility. 

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Warranty 6 Months from Manufacturer

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