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Deadbolt Scuff Busters
Deadbolt Scuff Busters

Deadbolt Scuff Busters

Brand: Deadbolt
Product Code: DBScuffBusters
Availability: Discontinued by Manufacturer Free Shipping on Order Over $100!

The new Scuff Busters from Deadbolt Derby are a fantastic addition to their lineup.  The design makes them almost completely universal. Using a rugged Cordura material as opposed to the traditional leather offers a few distinct advantages. Cordura will not scratch and scuff the way leather will and cleaning the Scuff Busters is quick and easy. Great two piece design allows for a very adjustable fit. A wide range of colors allows you to get a great custom look.

Check out Riedell Toe Caps & Guards as a fantastic alternative for great toe protection!

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PhreakTape Gear Repair Tape

PhreakTape Gear Repair Tape

Was: $7.99 Now: $6.99

Duct tape holds the world together and no one knows that better than derby players. We worked with adhesive specialists and created PhreakTape. This tape has great sayings printed on it, but its not just pretty! This 15 foot roll is paper backed making it easy to cut the perfect size or shape first before exposing the super strong adhesive backing. Great for gear repair, this tape is an essential for your tool bag! This stuff is Phreaky Strong! Check out our Toe Cover Template mentioned in the video below!

Every 15 inches repeats the following sayings

"Devaskate Your Competition"
"I Skate on the First Date"
"In a Love Skate Relationship"
"Skate Every (Damn) Day"
"Skating is my Superpower"
"Your Girlfriend, I'm Hitting That"
"Talk Derby to Me"
"Wake up. Kick ass. Repeat"
"Life is Better on Wheels" 
"Life Without Skates is Stupid"

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Warranty 6 Months from Manufacturer

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