Wheel & Bearing Bundle

Here at Devaskation, we love to help our customers! One way that we’ve been able to do that is to design custom packages that help you get everything you need at an amazing price. From SISU Starter Kits to the best Rookie Packages around, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to help skaters get that group of products they need, without breaking the bank. We’re pretty good at making amazeballs packages that our skaters absolutely love and the reason for that is you!! We talk to skaters A LOT, so we need your help with our next awesome bundle.

We have been making quite a few packages with outdoor and hybrid wheels that include awesome bearings (and a tool for switching out your wheels) for quite awhile. Now, we want to take that a step further and make this type of bundle with some of our customers’ favorite premium wheels. From November 15th, 2017 to November 20th, 2017, we are asking that you reply to our social posts about what premium bearings and wheels you’d like to see in a ready to go bundle for a price you’ll love. Please check out our facebook or instagram posts and comment on what you’d like to see Devaskation offer you next. One lucky contributer will win our first premium wheel and bearing bundle so tell us what you want (what you really really want…come on, you know you heard it in your head too…please don’t judge us for knowing the lyrics to a Spice Girls song). So, if you wannabe (yes, we couldn’t help that) our winner, just post a comment on our social post to tell us what premium wheels and bearings you’d love to have on your skates right now and you might just get it!

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