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Effective Immediately, Atom Skates is the Exclusive Distributor in North America & Mexico for EO Composite Racing Frames.

Atom Skates, based in Phoenix Arizona, and EO Racing frames, based in France, partner in an exclusive distribution agreement.

M2 EO Frame

The Following Sizes Will Be Available on March 31st

M2 – 4X110 (13.2) PICTURED (145g)

S2 – 4×100 – 12.80 (140g)

E2 – 4×100 – 12.00 (130g)

This joint cooperation has been in the making for over a year. EO is the exclusive distributor of Atom, Luigino & Bionic Racing in France, making the partnership seamless. With the ever-growing demand for carbon frames Atom Skates took a step back to evaluate the manufacturing process vs partnering with the leader and a company that specializes in carbon composite full time.

Team EO/Atom is one of the top teams in the World, consisting of world champion skaters from Europe and Colombia. EO/Atom Racing Team captured the overall inline world cup title in 2014, as well as the 24hr. Lemans.

Jarret Paul from Team USA and Atom

Jarret Paul, member of Team USA and skates for Team Atom is the number one indoor and outdoor skater in America. Jarret chooses EO Composite Racing frames. “I feel a significant benefit while using EO frames when skating indoor. The amount of force on frames during indoor racing is extreme, and I have never felt a frame provide this type of support and energy, I am so happy Atom is able to deliver this frame to the rest of the country” -Jarret Paul

Carbon Fiber

EO frames are superior composite racing frames, engineered to perfection. We have spent a lot of time inspecting the quality of EO frames prior to committing to the partnership. The process used by EO is unique in many ways. EO’s process is specialized and checked out in every detail to ensure maximum performance for every EO composite frame.

Luigino Blaze Skate with EO Frame

One of the unique features is the 3D foam core, which substantially strengthens the frames without increasing weight.

EO frames are designed for professionals; it will win over many enthusiasts among amateurs and competitors of all levels.

Be sure to check out the new Luigino Blaze Package with EO Frame that this deal has made possible to create!

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