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Mota Nuts
Mota Nuts

Mota Nuts

Brand: Mota Skates
Product Code: MOTANUTS
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Mota Nuts are some of the greatest nylon nuts out there. They were designed to give skaters the ability to customize the smaller details of their skates. These nuts are super lightweight, strong, and come in a variety of awesome colors.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Mixed (2 or 1 each of Blue, Green, Pink, & Purple)

Since we want you to customize everything you can, we will also ship any 2 color combo (4 of each color) that you'd like from the list above. Just choose your main color option and a second color option and we'll send you both colors!

Skates option comes with 8 nuts and Skateboard option comes with 4 nuts!

For boot sizing information check out our Sizing Charts page.

Available Options

* Color:

* Second Color:

* I Skate On:

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Nut Specs
Nut Specs Fits 8mm Axle Comes in a pack of 8

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