Ceramic Skate Bearings

Ceramic Skate bearings are made from a compound called Silicon Nitride. The Silicon Nitride compound is far lighter than your run of the mill steel bearing, 60% lighter in fact, and they are significantly harder than that of their metal counterparts. These bearings operate at an 80% faster speed than that of standard bearings and they also self lubricate. They are made to not only withstand extreme physical impact, but also to perform exceptionally when under harsh circumstances, such as high temperatures, lack of lubrication, and in high corrosion environments. Read More Here!

Ceramic skate bearings are high-performance bearings designed for skating that use ceramic balls instead of steel balls. Ceramic balls are harder and lighter than steel balls, which makes them faster and smoother.

Ceramic bearings have several advantages over steel bearings, including:

Less friction: Ceramic balls have a smoother surface and lower friction coefficient than steel balls, resulting in less heat and wear on the bearings.

Higher speed: Ceramic balls are lighter than steel balls, which allows them to spin faster and accelerate more quickly.

Longer lifespan: Ceramic balls are more resistant to corrosion and wear than steel balls, resulting in longer-lasting bearings.

However, ceramic bearings are typically more expensive than steel bearings and may not provide significant performance benefits for all skaters. They are most commonly used by competitive skaters or those seeking the highest level of performance from their skates.

Proper maintenance of ceramic skate bearings is important to ensure optimal performance and longevity. This includes regular cleaning and lubrication, as well as avoiding exposure to water or excessive moisture that can cause damage to the bearings.






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