Quad Speed Skates

Speed Skates are designed with special components to help you maintain control when you’re going fast. Boots for speed skates are specifically designed for comfort, maneuverability and quick turns and stops. You need a stable skate plate to handle the forces of velocity and weight. A good skate plate and boot combination will give you the most stability, maneuverability, and confidence to get around the rink or track quickly. Remember that bearings and wheels make a big difference when it comes to achieving terminal velocity! The skates below are typically great for most skaters, but check out our custom skates built just for speed!

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Quad speed skates are a type of roller skate designed specifically for speed skating on quad skates. They are characterized by their low-cut boots, which provide flexibility and range of motion for the foot and ankle, and their four wheels arranged in a square configuration.

Quad speed skates typically have larger and harder wheels than other types of quad skates, which provide greater speed and maneuverability on the track or rink. They also often feature a toe stop, which can be used to slow down or stop the skater.

Quad speed skates are used in a variety of competitive roller skating events, including roller derby, speed skating, and jam skating. They are also a popular choice for recreational skaters who enjoy the thrill of speed and want to improve their roller skating skills.

Overall, quad speed skates are a high-performance and exciting choice for skaters who want to push the limits of their roller skating abilities and experience the excitement of speed skating on quad skates.






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